Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stephen Hawking and really weird news!

AOL, in its inimitable manner, has a home page section called "Weird News."

Yesterday, in that section, appeared an article about the theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking.  Evidently, Hawking has said that there is no god and no heaven or afterlife and AOL, in its inimitable manner, thinks this is "weird."

In Hawking's view, the human brain is a computer and when it breaks down it's all over!  The notion of a heaven or afterlife is "a fairy tale for people afraid of the dark."

What's weird about that?

What IS really weird, which AOL neglected to mention, is the fact there are billions of people around the world who believe in heavenly fairy tales!  Many are so convinced that these fairy tales are true they discount this life in the hope that the next one will be better.  Some fundamentalist christianists are further convinced that only those people who have "accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior" will go to heaven or experience an afterlife.  

It doesn't get much weirder than that, because there is absolutely NO evidence of any kind to justify believing in any kind of afterlife or heaven.  NO EVIDENCE!  NONE!

Hawking isn't weird, it's belief in heavenly nonsense that's weird!


Sailor said...

I think having "No Evidence" is in favor of them. Because of that "FAITH" comes into play.

Sailor said...

After all, if there is heaven or hell I would like to go to hell. That is where the party is :D

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