Monday, April 25, 2011

The Republican Party and the Destruction of the World

(Psst...Hey, George, we're finally gonna do it.  We're gonna destroy the world!)

The Republican Party is trying to destroy the world.

Why would they do that?  It's all about money.  It's always about money with the Republicans.  It's about short-term profits, the bottom line!  Republicans are, by and large, lobbyists for the corporatists.  In fact, if the corporations were smarter, they would fire their current crop of lobbyists.  The lobbyists are no longer needed for the Republicans are bought and paid for by the corporations; there is no differentiation between the corporations and the Republicans.  They live and breathe the same air and have the same goals.  When the checks are passed out the corporations include instructions to their surrogates in our legislative houses (said surrogates being overwhelmingly Republican) and voila!, the dirty deeds get done.

During the last election cycle the Republicans said they were going to destroy the world.  They were very clear about that.  They also said they would destroy the world in order to bless their corporate benefactors with even greater profits at the expense of the rest of us.  They would do this by destroying our environment - the air we breathe and the water we drink.  They said they intended to destroy whatever consumer protections were in place in this country.  Consumer protections, you understand, from the corporate point of view are unnecessary and make it more difficult to increase the bottom line.  The Republicans further said they were going to destroy our health care, our social security, our wetlands and our parklands.  Anything that stood in the way of the rich becoming richer was fair game.

The Republicans told us exactly what they were going to do!

The sad part is that the people believed them.  When the Republicans said Social Security was broke (which was a big lie), the people panicked and said it must be fixed and the Republicans smiled and set about to destroy the system and replace it with another system geared, not to help the people, but the rich get richer!  When the Republicans said business regulations were bad because the poor corporations couldn't create jobs with all these restrictions, the people believed them.  Soon, however, the people will discover they cannot trust the drugs they take, the food they eat, the water they drink, the cars they drive, the gas they put into their cars, the insulation in their houses, the pesticides on their lawns, or the air they breathe!  And because the Republicans have officially denied modern science, some Americans are going to find their homes underwater within their lifetime.

The Republicans told us exactly what they were going to do and now they're doing it!

When the Republicans said that our budget deficit was destroying our country, the people believed them, not realizing that the deficit was doing no such thing, and that the Republicans said that in order to destroy so-called "entitlement" programs such as Social Security and Medicare.  The people never did understand that if the Republicans were really concerned about the deficit they would get our military the hell out of the Middle East, and cut the most bloated part of the budget - defense spending - and increase taxes on the rich.  So the people voted in those who would destroy their world!

Global warming, about which there is conclusive scientific consensus, is officially denied by Republicans.  That denial notwithstanding, people are already feeling its effect in terms of colder winters, hotter summers and weird weather patterns around the world.  Seas are rising as polar ice caps melt.  According to Sierra magazine, arctic summer sea ice may disappear completely by 2030 which will mean the end of the polar bear, yet because of Republican pressure the Obama administration has decided polar bears do not deserve endangered species status.

The U.S. House of Representatives, controlled by the Republicans, has voted to take away the EPA's authority to regulate carbon dioxide which is the major cause of global warming.  Newt Gingrich, one of the nastiest Republicans and perhaps one of the nastiest politicians in history, wants to abolish the EPA!

Again, from Sierra magazine:  "A study in the journal NATURE suggests that global warming could tip the U.S. SOUTHWEST INTO A 'MEGA DROUGHT,' lasting as long as 1,000 years."

Some Republicans, claiming to be christians or some such, decry such studies, insisting there is a god somewhere in the sky who promised a mythological person living in the middle east thousands of years ago that the earth would never be destroyed.

Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, has penned an article, "Deadly Nostalgia," in the latest issue of Sierra magazine.  He takes us back to the "good old days" to which the Republicans want to return.  The Republican leadership, says Brune, misses "the America without a Clean Water Act, the one where Ohio's Cuyahoga River caught fire.  The one without a Clean Air Act, where choking smog made it impossible for New Yorkers to see 400 yards across the Hudson River."

Even though air pollution remains a huge problem in this country, "Congressional Republicans want to prevent the EPA from updating Clean Air Act standards."  And although "millions of Americans are sickened by contaminated water every year ... the GOP wants to slash this year's budget for state clean-water projects by $947 million."

Brune notes that "Asthma is epidemic among our kids.  The list of potentially cancer-causing chemicals in our drinking water keeps getting longer.  Lead, mercury, arsenic, and other toxic heavy metals are building up in our bodies...

"But guess what?  Commonsense citizens are not the ones calling the shots in Congress.  Instead, polluter-funded politicians are doing their paymasters' bidding.  For example, the largest donors to members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee are oil billionaires David and Charles Koch, whose many polluting businesses are regulated by the EPA.  Accordingly, a top goal of the committee is to restrict the EPA's power; 9 out of 12 Republicans on the committee have signed a Koch-sponsored pledge to prevent the EPA from limiting greenhouse-gas pollution."

A recent article by the New York Times describes how the Republicans are continuing to destroy the world on the state level.

1.  Paul LePage, governor of Maine, has a 63-point plan to gut environmental regulations.  This "great" plan would open up 3 million acres of woods for development and suspend a law that monitors toxic chemicals that might potentially show up in children's products.

That's not really a people plan.  It's a corporatists wet dream!

2.  North Carolina's Republicans put together a budget with a provision to cut by 22 % the state's environmental and natural resource department.

Not really a people plan.  A corporatists wet dream!

3.  New Jersey's Gov. Christie, "has said that the Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act, which preserves more than 800,000 acres of open land that supplies drinking water to more than half of New Jersey's residents, is an infringement on property rights.  Mr. Christie has moved to shift power from planning boards and government agencies to administrative judges, political appointees who, environmentalists says, tend to rule more often in favor of developers' interests."

Not really a people plan.  A corporatists wet dream!

4.  And then there's Florida, where the people elected a criminal, a modern-day fraud of monumental proportions to be governor.  The Department of Community Affairs in Florida is in charge of regulating the use of land.  It was established "to be a control on unchecked urban sprawl."  Gov. Scott wants to fire 40 of the 358 people who work there.

Also in what has become known as the weirdest state in the nation, Florida Republicans under the leadership of their criminal governor are in process of deregulating a variety of consumer protection laws.  Scott, the criminal, thinks such regulations are stifling job creation.  The people believed such nonsense and voted for him.  Actually, such regulations stifle the ability of the corporatists to increase their bottom line at the expense of the people!

Not really a people plan, but a corporatists wet dream!

The Republican Party's goal is to destroy our worlds - our physical world, the earth, and the safety nets which protect our own private worlds and allow us to live and move and have our being.  

Will the people ever wake up and realize that voting Republican is to vote for their own demise?

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