Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa, and Obama is a Muslim

It shouldn't matter. The Constitution of the United States is very specific - there shall be no religious test for public office.

But it seems to matter to some - to the morons and christianist dominionists and the stupids in our country and especially to the 18 percent who believe that President Obama is a Muslim.

Eighteen percent! And generally speaking, these are the same morons who are opposed, on principle, to anything he says or does. And just like their main disinformation source, FAUX News, Obama could bring about the Second Coming of the legendary Jesus, and these people would complain that his robes weren't white enough!

It's depressing. We have 1/5th of our population so goddamn dumb or mentally challenged that they are unable to recognize (or care) about evidence, facts, truth, or reality. Some of them are so off the wall that if Rush Limbaargher told them cowshit was good to eat, they'd fry it up for dinner!

Consider Dan Maes of Colorado, Jim DeMint of South Carolina, Sarah Palin of fame and fortune, Rand Paul of Kentucky (or perhaps another planet entirely), Sharron Angle of Nevada, just about any representative from Texas or Oklahoma ... etc., etc. -- put them all together and you still wouldn't get one fully-functioning brain!

This does not bode well for the future of the US of A.

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