Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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Internet Exploiter
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Jim Hightower, in his July 2010 Lowdown, has an excellent article on how a cabal of big, "bullying, arrogant ... telecom conglomerates" are aiming a broadside, not only on "common" folks who use the Internet, "but more broadly at America's democratic values."

"The whole idea of the internet," says Hightower, "is that it's a wide-open, wildly-democratic place where anyone and everyone can 'meet' to exchange viewpoints, ideas, facts, ideologies, theories, videos, opinions, stories, visions--and, yes, propaganda, nonsense, ugliness, and outright lies. The internet's beauty is in its free-flowing, uncensored, uncontrolled nature."

Unfortunately, "corporate autocracy," namely in the form of the four telecom giants who have the internet in their "firm grasp" -- AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon -- "is now asserting its market dominance and political muscle in an autocratic effort to impose corporate censorship over what information the public will be allowed to get via the internet."

This is a very important article, for this telecom cabal, pretending to desire internet "neutrality," is working for exactly the opposite. They are flooding Congress with lobbyists and money in order to get their way. And, of course, the billionaire Koch brothers are there with buckets of money, "specializing in doublespeak, distortions, manipulations, histrionics, stunts and tricks, deceit, huffery and pufferey, and lies."

Watch the video, read Hightower's entire article here, send it to your friends! The American people are about to get reamed by the robber barons once again! All for our own good, of course!

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