Wednesday, July 21, 2010

World Changers suing Collier County (FL) school district

"Aw, jeez Ma, World Changers ain't allowed to pass out Bibles to the students in my school anymore on Religious Freedom Day. Whatever are we gonna do?"

"Well, I'll tell ya, sonny, we is gonna sic that God-fearing Liberty Counsel on their evil little asses!"

Yep, and that's what has happened. Down in Collier County, Florida. World Changers of Florida, based in Tamarac, Florida, is your typical fundamentalist bunch of christianist wackos who want to remake the US of A into a wacko fundamentalist christian country where everybody loves Jesus or else!

World Changers, having the "Truth", naturally believes it is their right to distribute Christian propaganda (the Protestant version of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament) to students in the Collier County school district.

And they used to get by with it. Until 2008 when the Collier County school said enough. No more. Take your bibles elsewhere. Shove 'em up your ass. Nah, they didn't say that, but they should have.

World Changers, being head-bangers for Jesus and the 12 apostles (whoever they were) and the sainted Paul and Peter and other sundry folks from the first century common era, hired a "Christian" legal firm, Liberty Counsel to sue the school district. Yes, they did, based on the skewed notion that World Changers has certain rights, such as the right to promote their particular religious views to the children in Collier County. I mean there is no such thing as "separation of church and state" in the Constitution, right?


So Liberty Counsel, founded by the nogoodnik christianist goofball, Matt Staver, is arguing that if other groups like Little League, 4-H, and the YMCA can hand out their literature to students, World Changers should be able to hand out their literature (the Bible) too!

It's their "right," they claim.

Yeah, right! It's not their "right." It crosses the sacred line dividing church and state and is thus forbidden by our Constitution! Bibles do not belong anywhere near our public schools. My God, there's a damn church on almost every corner of every street in every city and town in the state of Florida. They've all got Bibles. If a kid needs a Bible, he or she would have no trouble finding one!

But public schools are "public" schools, not captive audiences for christianist fools who want to impose their cranky beliefs on the students! No religious literature of any kind should be distributed to public school students.

Let's turn this around. Suppose a Muslim group insisted it was their "right" to pass out copies of the Koran to public school students in Collier County. Do you think Liberty Counsel and World Changers would be banging on the legal doors demanding the Muslims be granted that "right"?

Hell, no.

God don't like them Muslim folks. Jesus died for Amurricans!

[The info for this rant came from an article by Adrienne S. Gaines at Charisma magazine which you can read here.]

And you can read all about World Banger, er, World Changers here.

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