Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Michele Bachmann the Welfare Queen

This from Joshua Holland at AlterNet.

Michele Bachmann, the Republican goofball from Minnesota, is a Tea Party "darlin" and an anti-government broomstick.

She's also one of the world's biggest hypocrites. Or, let's just call her a Welfare Queen!

As Holland points out:

1. She is paid by the U.S. Government - that "big" government that she hates so much. Not enough, of course, to turn down her paycheck, though.

2. And every year, Ms. Bachmann receives over $200,000 in farm subsidies "for her family's agriculture operation" from that big government that she hates. Or as Holland reminds us, "she hates the way government takes care of people."

3. Plus, she is involved in another "family" business, Bachmann and Associates, Inc., a "Christian" counseling service. And I'll be damned if she hasn't "claimed nearly another $30k in 'big government' payouts for this business. That in spite of the fact that this counseling center is openly Christian. No wonder she likes to claim there is no separation of church and state in the US of A.

You can read the entire Holland piece here.

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Bob Poris said...

Why doesn’t some organization sue or investigate her for her abuses of government programs that she might not be entitled to or are a conflict of interest. A little legal work might be in order.

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