Thursday, June 21, 2018

Donald Trump and His Stormtroopers

Here's Why It's Entirely Appropriate to Compare Donald Trump to the Nazis

Egged-on by the weasle, Stephen Miller, Trump is put kids into camps on the border 

The only discernible difference between what Donald Trump is doing to undocumented immigrants on our southern border and what the Nazis did all over Europe to Jews is that the Nazis had to go from house to house to round up their victims, while all Trump’s Border Patrol has to do is wait for their victims to walk or swim across the border.

That’s it. Practically everything else is the same. The actions Trump’s Border Enforcement agents are taking when they separate immigrant children at processing centers from their parents have nothing to do with law enforcement. Neither did the Nazis when they separated Jewish children from their parents inside the gates of Buchenwald and Auschwitz and Dachau. Trump’s agents on the border are carrying out a policy promulgated by his administration. Nazi SS stormtroopers were carrying out the policy of rounding up political opponents, “undesirables,” and Jews, and incarcerating them in concentration camps. These camps were entirely extra-legal. You didn’t have to be convicted of a crime to be incarcerated in a concentration camp. Nor have the immigrants and their children being held in hastily constructed cages been convicted of crimes.

[Please read the entire article at AlterNet HERE.]


William Kendall said...

They are truly hideous.

Professor Chaos said...

Jeff Sessions was recently on some awful FOX show having to explain the subtle difference between this policy and the Nazis' policy toward the Jews. (And he showed a complete misunderstanding of what happened in Germany)

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