Thursday, February 15, 2018

Bess Kalb and the NRA - from The Huffington Post

Bess Kalb is a writer for "Jimmy Kimmel Live."  She has some pertinent and pointed thoughts re Republican lawmakers moaning about prayers and thoughts which they would be praying and thinking about relative to the shooting yesterday at the high school in Parkland.  At one time we lived within a couple of miles of that school and Lois Anne once ran a 5k part of which scooted by the front of the school.

Ms. Kalb noted that Marco Rubio and other nogoodniks (my word), offering their prayers to their non-existent god, and their condolences - must not forget their  condolences - received millions of dollars from the NRA which served to help keep them in office where they in turn made sure that nobody dared mess with the NRA and the NRA's desire to ensure that every man, woman, and child in the US of A had at least one weapon of "self-defense," in their possession.

The lawmakers have been very successful in that enterprise and are currently planning to enact another law which would basically do away with background checks which will most certainly be signed by Prezident Thumper.

It should also be noted that Prezident Thumper, after 32 seconds of deep thought, said he thought that the people of south Florida could have done a lot more to stop this shooting but they neglected to see the "signs" of trouble in the atmosphere.

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Ms. Kalb states that "In the 2015-2016 election cycle alone, GOP candidates took $17,385,437 from the NRA.  And that doesn't count the $21,000,000 the NRA gave to Prezident Thumper.

Prior to replying to individual tweets, Ms. Kalb "shared a few other choice words about lawmakers collecting cash from the gun lobby:
God have mercy on your NRA-kept souls:

Richard Burr

Roy Blunt

Thom Tillis

Cory Gardner

Marco Rubio

Joni Ernst

Rob Portman

Todd Young

Bill Cassidy

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William Kendall said...

The NRA could have a gun massacre happen at one of their conventions, slaughtering a couple dozen or more of their members... and they still wouldn't get the point.

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