Thursday, March 2, 2017

Nothing's Changed! Trump is NOT normal!

In the U.S. we are blessed with a corporate media.  That is to say, our news outlets are by and large owned by corporations and their main concern is their profit line.

Back in the first part of G.W. Bushki's reign, it was discovered that he had failed to fulfill his military obligations and was able to avoid going to Vietnam by having his father pull strings allowing him to land a cushy political job while his buddies were being shot down in the jungles of southeast Asia.

The man who reported this worked for one of the corporate media, CBS.  Instead of giving this man praise and a raise, they fired him.  Dan Rather had a resume full of dynamic and fearless reporting from all over the world.  But when he told the truth about G.W., CBS booted him out the corporate door.

Today some of our comedians and less-than-corporate media are noting, rightfully, that the corporate media is falling all over itself to explain to the world that because Trump didn't come off as a insane lunatic in his speech before Congress, everything is changed.  "My god," they said in unison, "he's become 'presidential'"!  Whatever the hell that means.

Republicans everywhere rejoiced because he refused to divulge his plans for a nuclear holocaust and prattled on about what a great job he's been doing and will be doing without telling anyone what that means or how he intends to accomplish those few things still left undone after his first 100 days smelling up the Oval Office.

But nothing has changed!  Donald Trump is still a psychopath, a sexual predator, a pathological liar and an ignorant, bumbling fool.  You can dress him up in a suit and have someone who actually knows the English language write a speech for him, but that means nothing.  He's still Donald Trump, a man who should have been indicted, impeached and tossed in jail already for his treasonous actions against our country.

What's wrong with this picture?  While he's grinning goofily for the cameras and pretending to seriously know what he's talking about in front of Congress, we learn that his newly-appointed Attorney General is guilty of perjury and was working with the Russians during the election just like others of Trump's best and brightest.  What other president would still be sitting in the White House after such revelations?

Nothing has changed!  Trump continues his war against anybody he doesn't like, specifically people who follow the Muslim religion, Mexicans, Democrats, poor people, women, kids who want to go to school instead of work in fields, generals who don't ask "How high" when he tells them to jump; anyone who challenges him in any way.

Trump still gets his "news" from talk shows and the far right neo-Nazis.  Trump is still a failed businessman who will bankrupt the country just as he bankrupted most of his companies.

He stood before Congress trying to look authentic as he lied 51 times in less than an hour.  He intends to beat up on Social Security recipients; he intends to get rid of what Republicans love to call "entitlements" - Medicare and Medicaid; he has already lessened regulations on food and drugs which keep our people safe.  He has already changed an Obama action which attempted to keep weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill.  He is going to build that goddamn wall if it kills us!  He is handing the military a huge budget increase even though they don't know what to do with the money they have now and tend to lose trillions of dollars without knowing why.

So, please don't listen to the corporate media, those paid "savants" of non-wisdom who would have you believe that Trump may be "normal" after all.  He's not and he never will be.  And unless you have a death wish you'd better fight him with everything you've got or in a few years you'll look back on the Great Depression with affection and longing.


Bob Poris said...

Once again the blogger in chief has spoken the truth. Trump remains Trump, regardless of what his speechwriters had him say. It was well done AND HE SEEMED TO BE, almost a normal adult
He soft peddled his impulse to attack, insult and talk nonsense. He has not told us how he will accomplish his goals or how he will make Congress vote with him. Our divisions remain, as do many of our problems. The world remains a frightening place as most of the other world leaders wonder how they will handle their own problems without the leadership they had hoped to get from the USA. The USA remains the strong economic entity it was and the great country it has become over the years. We will continue to stumble along until we adjust to our lack of real leadership. The odds are good that our Leader will return to his tweets and ever-changing ideas.

William Kendall said...

The man is repugnance personified.

Professor Chaos said...

I always laugh whenever the right references the "liberal media," as if these multi-billion dollar corporations spent millions of dollars to acquire news outlets in order to put out leftist anti-corporate propaganda. And the billion-dollar corps whose ads keep the presses running would be perfectly fine advertising in a lefty paper or on a lefty TV channel.

Bob Poris said...

WONDER IF THERE IS A REASONABLE DEFINITON OF THE TERM’S” Liberal, left, Lefty, or similar shortcuts to express something vague, but derogatory. Apparently anything a Conservative, or a Republican ,etc doesn’t like he can call a name, without explaining it in some manner. The same can probably. be said about Democrat.
I do not like labels, as a general rule,as they are not usually defined well enough to be used in such a broad manner.
I once was a Republican, but not consistently in favor of everything the party was in favor of. I often agreed with “liberals. Particularly as applied to societal issues. Having been more poor than rich, I had experienced all sorts of things in my life. The poor side was rarely superior to what I perceived as the rich side of life. Having more was better than not having enough any time. I eventually left the Republican Party and registered as a Democrat. I never gave up the option of voting for the person or issues I favored, after thinking of the issues and consequences. I have never regretted my decision and still weigh the issues carefully. In recent years I think the Republican leaders have felt that winning was the only important thing, not what was best for the country or even the world. The goal should be how to improve our choices, without regard to what we call them. Somehow the Democrats did not win all the time. I
Hate to admit it, but I might have been wrong a few times in my life but the world continued , so did my life, so far.
Trump is still Trump and remains inconsistent or cannot make firm decisions. I get the impression, he does no real research, but acts upon impulses. That might work for owners of a private business, but not the President of a large nation.

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