Saturday, May 6, 2017

George Will on Trump's "Disability"

Our intellectually-challenged president pretending to drive a truck

I've never cared much for George Will in that he has without fail spouted and defended Republican political theory for years.  But, he has finally written something that makes sense and is important.  The fact that Will would pen this essay indicates the severity of our situation for it is inconceivable he would write anything like this about any other Republican president.

Please read the whole article, which appeared in The Washington Post:

It is urgent for Americans to think and speak clearly about President Trump’s inability to do either. This seems to be not a mere disinclination but a disability. It is not merely the result of intellectual sloth but of an untrained mind bereft of information and married to stratospheric self-confidence.

In February, acknowledging Black History Month, Trump said that “Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is getting recognized more and more, I notice.” Because Trump is syntactically challenged, it was possible and tempting to see this not as a historical howler about a man who died 122 years ago, but as just another of Trump’s verbal fender benders, this one involving verb tenses.

Now, however, he has instructed us that Andrew Jackson was angry about the Civil War that began 16 years after Jackson’s death.

In other words, our president is a complete ignoramus!  But please read the entire article HERE.

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William Kendall said...

Thanks for reposting.

He is an idiot. A complete bloody idiot. He's not even capable of putting together a sentence that flows properly.

I imagine he's always been an idiot, but I'm very much thinking there's senility in there too now, probably has been for some years. And his enablers put him in the most stressful job in the world. The absolute worst thing to do for someone suffering from dementia- it'll accelerate the condition.

Someday when he's been rendered mentally incompetent and removed from office, those who have tried to hide this, like Jared and Ivanka, should be held responsible for it.

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