Sunday, April 16, 2017

Which one is the craziest?

Which one of these two crazy people is most likely to start a nuclear war which would, of course, kill everyone on earth and make the earth uninhabitable for hundreds of millions of years?

Would it be this goofball, Kim Jong-un, the president of North Korea?

Or would it be this deranged tool, D. Trumpf, the president of the United States?

Are you sleeping well lately?


Sylvia K said...

Who can sleep at all with these two idiots running wild!!!!

William Kendall said...

The Combover. Little Kimmy doesn't have the reach.

stardust said...

Conflicts could break out any moment between these two men. Recently we half seriously, half jokingly say where (in Japan) would be the target if NK launch missiles. Both of them are fascist (control people by scares), antichrist (beginning of the end of the world), and overreact. Kim looks more provocative and merciless, Trump looks more unpredictable. Difficult to answer you. I’ll get back to your photos later.


Andy said...

They are jealous of each other's haircut.

Professor Chaos said...

I;m not sure how crazy Kim is, but Drumpf is getting worse by the day. He is either slipping into senile dementia or, given his fondness for Russian hookers, maybe he's syphilitic? At any rate, it seems increasingly likely that he will start WWIII when someone hurts his feelings.

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