Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trump's Police State

It has started!  Trump's police state is in action.  They're looking for Jews ... er, immigrants.  For now.  Soon they'll be coming after socialists, Communists, Democrats, historians, Canadians, Puerto Ricans, truth-tellers of all stripes, and finally, as usual, they'll come for the Jews.

And good Christians everywhere will look surprised and say, "We didn't know!"

[Photo from the Huffington Post].


William Kendall said...

The man repulses me. The end of his reign of terror can't come soon enough.

Andy said...

This is America... right?

Sylvia K said...

Such a disgusting man???? he is!!! I agree with William, the end of his reign can't come soon enough!!! I find it hard to understand or see how he could have been elected?????? He surely didn't get any help from me!!!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

I'm a blogger from Petrea's site. Your short post says a lot. In fact the photo alone scares me. Your words do as well.And I am sure they are spot on.. In the L.A. Times the LAPD is not in favor of having ICE impersonate them.. Because of the election fiasco there is chaos,fear,and what is worse misinformation.. As on Petrea's site I hope more are just as incensed. It seems that more are seeing therapists . Children are affected as well.. I hope there will be a day when this nightmare is over..Petrea is right we have been too quiet

Petrea Burchard said...

You know "And then they came for me."

We won't have it, Lowell. We will fight this and we will win. I hope the real Christians will join us, because they have a lot of power.

Sylvia K said...

I do SO agree with William!!!

Bob Poris said...

I AGREE! I REMAIN WORRIED THAT TIME IS WASTING. What is taking so long to start some action re impeachment or action thru the various Courts or whatever? “ The public cannot do it alone, but I am happy so many are trying. I was surprised that Pence has spoken out as well as has. but more is still needed. The wheels of justice spin slowly. Some in the media are also trying

Bob Poris said...

Thank you!. Trump managed to fool a lot of people ALL OF THE TIME, BECAUSE THEY DID NOT STOP TO THINK THAT PROMISES ARE NOT ACTIONS. Many of us apparently did an looked for ideas and plans to achiever things we agreed with. So far nothing good has happened, but lots of bad has.

Bob Poris said...

He was not the first, nor will he be the last to excite the unthinking mob. Maybe there are more of them than we like to admit exist.. So many countries have willingly voted away their freedom during our lifetimes! When do we teach history well enough to reach the same people early enough to teach them to read history and to think first before voting

Vagabonde said...

I am so very disappointed in this country, in the president and in all the
people who voted for him, and also very sad. I was born in France in 1940
and remember my mother's friend, who was Jewish, who was hidden in my
father's workshop for many days. I also remember her coat with a yellow
star on it – I was a wee child, but I remember. I also remember the Gestapo
coming to our apartment, because my father was Armenian and a jeweler. I
never thought that people, above all, in the USA, would threaten Jewish
people. I am a citizen now, but still have a French accent and have been
told several times to “go back to you f**g country.” And most of these
people, at least around here in Georgia, are proud to be Christians – is
that what they were told in their churches? So I am very sad.

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