Sunday, February 5, 2017

Our So-Called Prezident

Our so-called prezident shows off his ignorance once again!  He does not understand the three branches of our government nor does he understand their roles in the overall scheme of things.

So sad!  What a loser!  Once again his cronies must try to explain to him that the prezident doesn't make the laws in our system, Congress does.  His job is to enforce the laws.  This so-called prezidential loser not only wants to make the laws but refuses to obey the third branch of the government, the Judicial Branch, which determines if laws passed and enforced by the other two branches are legal or Constitutional.

Our so-called prezident is a loser and a joke and dangerous as all hell because he think he's directing a reality show.

Not so, loser.  But it really will feel like that when one of these days soon the people of the United States will be saying, with great pleasure, "You're fired!"


Sylvia K said...


William Kendall said...

When he eventually gets impeached, he's not going to go quietly.

Professor Chaos said...

It would be funny if it weren't so alarming. This prez is determined to force a Constitutional crisis.

Bob Poris said...

Apparently the Prez believes he has a majority on his side. Sadly he might be correct. There is no cure for the stupidity of those who will not investigate his steady stream of whatever it is called. I try to ignore him, but he still manages to dominate the news coverage.

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