Monday, December 19, 2016

Trump Is A Child!

Trump is a child
A child of privilege
Like children everywhere
He's tearing things apart
The child has got his claws
into the U.S.A.
He's ripping out our soul
Night rains on our days
And if this country falls
The rest are jeopardized
Most frightening of all
His term has yet to start.

Graphic attribution:  Christian Bloom


Ken said...

America now has an orange oranguTrump for a Pretend Oval Office occupant. Watching the orang child and his mini mes tear up all the progress America has made in the 20th century one can only wonder if it will survive the 21st in a recognizable form. Will America continue to be the beacon of freedom to the world or will that light held high by the Statue of Liberty be replaced with a bright, flashing, gaudy "No Vacancy" sign from a cheap Trump Tower?????

William Kendall said...

A child eventually grows out of that obnoxious phase. Trump never will.

Bob Poris said...

Trump will be President, so get used to it! Democracy in action is what we claim to want. We have it. The Democratic Party must change its tactics or it might continue to not win. The press will follow the news makers and people will read what they want, Trump’s voters liked it. It is hard to see things as they do, but the people that vote do decide, that is the reality and we better cope with it and learn what to do next time to win. We are not asked to like it. But have to accept it.

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