Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ted Nugent Pretends Obama Wants a Race War

Seditious Ted Nugent Pretends That Obama Wants A Race War

Right off the bat, let's define a word that is not commonly used, in fact, I've never heard of it before today. Ephebolphiliac: an adult who is sexually attracted to adolescents. It is mandatory to have knowledge of this abnormal trait, because it's relevant to a person who calls our own President an 'evil man.' Ted…


Bob Poris said...

Is there a legitimate reason no one has ever sued or prosecuted Nugent for some violation of the laws against some sex acts somewhere? The fact that he is a liar and racist is not illegal unless his actions are illegal. How the religious of many faiths excuse him is a mystery to me. In some areas of the USA, he would be taken care of by the faithful who frequently justify violence regardless of what they think the Bible tells them. One would think there would at least be a mass prayer service for his soul. That seems to be the action taken when the public is upset. Maybe we need more of that. At least it keeps some people off the streets and out of the alleys or wherever they practice their deeds.

William Kendall said...

Ted said before the last election that he'd be dead or in prison inside of a few months if the President got elected. Hasn't happened yet.

He is one of the worst Americans walking around today. When that drugged out pile of crap finally bites the dust someday, he'll finally have done the world a favour by no longer being in it.

Bob Poris said...

Nugent has passed his expiration date and should be taken off the shelves by his own standards. He should pray for divine help perhaps. I do not think he is sincere.

Obviously we need even more prayer vigils and they should be louder. I do not know how far the sound travels or has to travel. My family has been secular for a long time so there are some holes in my Bible study as it was written before microphones were in use.

Did Obama tell us which races are to be on each side? I am confused. How does Nugent handle respectable mixed race people? Now I understand why the draft seems to be a non starter or until such questions are decided.

(As an aside the following: During WW2, some people tried to decide if I fit in or not. Luckily I was called “white” by most and a Jew by others. It was not a problem until I put “none” down for religion when I originally enlisted . The recruiter said in the event I was wounded or killed, I should have a religion listed. I had attended a few Christian Science functions with my mother when I was very young, and learned that I had killed Jesus! Considering my age, I was surprised and frightened, as I was a sleepwalker when young. I said nothing until I was a little older and attacked by other kids for the first time on the streets.)

I tried again with the recruiter when he said "none" was unwise as a doctor might not be called. Then I said Jewish. MY DOG TAGS SHOWED an H when I finally received them and I didn't realize that “H” stood for Hebrew. There were other such experiences in the Navy, but I will save them for later. Some were very funny and others were not, but I survived.

All of that led to a very long search for identity that was meaningful as a Jew to be part of a people with a history. Judaism, the religion, has changed as it has grown into denominations with differences due to language, intermarriage, assimilation, etc. Judaism was also affected by the location of the people and the rulers under which they lived.

Now there are five recognized denominations, plus many that are considered as “non affiliated, but identify as Jewish for a variety of reasons. That is more common maybe since the rebirth of Israel, as the Jewish state's religion is essentially a version of Orthodoxy as defined by the Rabbinate for some but not all Israelis.

Historically, Jew were defined by Jews, and others for political purposes. It was not a very accurate system, but good enough to decide who paid taxes, had rights, privileges, lived or died. etc,. We tend to select our own definition most often. I was active in the beginning of HUMANISTIC Judaism in the Detroit area in the 1960s and identified as such until we moved to Florida in the 1980s and became simply Jewish as many minority groups do when asked what they are by strangers. They frequently select whichever nationality the last name sounds like or a parents’ family identified with or one they like or the religion which they chose or which they selected.


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