Saturday, June 4, 2016

D. Trump - pathologal. liar. fraud. con artist. petulant. toddler.

And from Crooks & Liars, in regard to Republicans having to try to calm the fears of our South Korean allies relative to Trump's foreign policy nightmares:

This is only the beginning of what the Republicans will have to face, the

"consequences of nominating a pathological liar and petulant toddler as their presidential candidate."

There is more here.


William Kendall said...

He's worse than a toddler... at a given point, even the most temper tantrum prone toddler will get exhausted from screaming at the top of their lungs.

Bob Poris said...

Now that everyone knows he is a terrible person, when does the law catch up with him and punish him?. He’ a crook, a liar, a fraudster, etc. Shouldn’t he be in jail?

Professor Chaos said...

Trump has serious psychological problems. He will never become "presidential." His monstrous ego won't allow him. Any slight, real or perceived, will always lead to a temper tantrum from this narcissist.

Bob Poris said...

I agree that Trump is a terrible person and should be sued, investigated, tried in Court if he breaks laws, etc. Certainly he should not win an election for anything.

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