Sunday, February 21, 2016

Educational Levels in the United States

The following was sent to me by a friend.  It tells a tale that we need to heed.  Instead, the people who govern us currently are doing everything they can to destroy our public schools.

This map shows how states could be renamed based on education levels within them.  Americans like to think they are #1 in everything, but when it comes to education, the U.S. quickly loses boasting rights. Math and science are particularly rough: U.S. ranks 28th in the world for those subjects. Although we may be a developed nation, when education is broken down by state, we aren't all that different from countries that are more economically challenged. used information from the U.S. high school graduation rates from the U.S. Census and compared them against the education index of each country from the United Nations Development Program.  The result? A map of the U.S. with each state renamed as the country that resembles their level of education.

h/t to Lou Cardamone


William Kendall said...

It speaks volumes.

Sylvia K said...

Ah, I do SO agree with William!! I've lived in three countries in Europe and in Mexico, and sadly, we're no where near being "WAY AHEAD" ahead of any of them.

Bob Poris said...

It is sad that we cannot find what worked over the years and what did not in education. We have history and current events all over the world that impact education. Some have great results in both poor and wealthy places, cultures all have some form of education. The USA had what we like to call "the greatest generation” which was the result, to a large degree of the government's decision to pay to educate World War Two veterans to go to all sorts of schools in return or gratitude for simply serving in the armed services to win a war that was far away. Many of the recipients might never have gone on to advanced education due to the Great Depression.

My brother and I took advantage of it but our only male first cousin died in that war, so he couldn’t. I believe the entire world benefited from that decision, because of the large numbers that went on to schools. In spite of the huge war debts and disruption of normal life in America it worked out very well.

Since then future generations have been saddled with huge debts and too many will not go to school. Maybe we can learn from that “experiment.” Sometimes we have to spend money to accomplish good things. The payback seems to pay off. We have a pool of young people that cannot afford an education. They are wasted resources. We as a nation ARE NOT NUMBER ONE IN MANY OF THE FIELDS THAT WE HAVE BEEN. WHY NOT? I probably paid more in taxes that many without my education could not. I do not regret it. As much as I do not like paying taxes, they do make my life better. I think of it as the cost of living well. I never turned down a raise in salary due to an increase in tax rate.

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