Monday, July 20, 2015

Repent of Your Unbelief

Lordy, lordy!  I love this.  Found it on YborCityStogie.

It's a sign for all Republicans and DINOs and other political and religious neanderthals. 

Trust Jesus!  Yes!

And here's what that means (according to what the New Testament Jesus taught): 

1.  Give away your money as rich people are going to hell.
2.  Tend to the sick.
3.  Feed the hungry.
4.  Visit those in prison.
5.  Don't judge other people.
6.  Understand that we are all related.
7.  Pay your taxes.
8.  Forgive others.
9.  Know that God loves all people equally.

It does not mean:

1.  Go to church.
2.  Believe your pastor.
3.  Take the Bible literally.
4.  Oppose all abortions.
5.  Be a political conservative.
6.  Oppose gay marriage.
7.  Insist on going to war in the Middle East.
8.  Worry about the "End Times."
9.  Believe that the U.S. of A. is special in God's eyes.

I would further suggest that to trust the Jesus of the New Testament means to promote an economic system that is fair to all people, a health system that provides health care for all people, and a tax system that ensures the rich pay their fair share!


William Kendall said...

I vastly prefer the New Testament liberal Jesus to the one the Religious Right nutbars trot out to justify their sanctimoniousness.

Bob Poris said...

I missed the part about excluding Jews from all social intercourse, other than rape in some instances.

Professor Chaos said...

Conservatives love everything about Christianity except for that Christ fella!

Bob Poris said...

To clarify Mr. Poris' previous comment:

Jewish women were frequently raped and that is how Jews produced less than brilliant children that had very bond hair and very white skin. Genetics tells us tht is why we are so varied, in spite of Ghettos all oner the world for centuries.

Bob Poris said...

According to the people taking DNA samples all over the world, we are so mixed re our DNA and some of us have DNA from Neanderthals, as well as from other previously thought extinct people. Some in the Klan possibly have black genes, blacks have white, Chinese, etc. We are all very mixed, except for those that have never inter-married, enslaved or raped other species going back to wherever the original horney ape, chimp, gorilla, etc., met a cute monkey and spread genes around randomly while selling insurance or used dinosaurs, Who knows who or what our ancient mommies were and who the daddies were. There were a lot of illegal migrants wandering across borders, robbing, raping, marrying, sticking things in anything that fit or looked new and good to the adventurous wanderer, who did not care about the local laws or speak the language, etc., and leaving kids around, Trump has such strange hair, he might be the only one left from the original whatever he is. That’s probably how the multi-limbed trees got started when an ancestor of a Trump met a lovely young sapling that was impressed by his strange hair and huge collection of something of value to her tribe. Some day we will discover a forest of huge trees, probably with blondish leaves of a peculiar shape, grafted on from other trees, called Trump towering trees. Hey, it could’ve happened. We don’t know everything yet do we?. Let’s test Trump and see if there are leaves in his DNA and test his offspring and see if they are more human than he is, which is possible. I wouldn’t let him near my favorite young tree when no one is watching it. I wonder if he has skin or some form of bark!

Is there a law about intercourse with trees without consent?

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