Saturday, December 5, 2015

"We made it on our own" ... with lots of government help!" - Mr. Ben Carson


William Kendall said...

More proof of what a hypocrite he is.

Professor Chaos said...

He also would never have gotten through school without getting free eyeglasses from a government program. I think he got Pell grants for college, too. But if anyone else uses government programs, they're lazy, dependant, entitled, etc.

Bob Poris said...

The good doctor knows he was chosen by God. We know that means he is unique. Most of the other successful people do not deserve to be President. If they were, they would have been chosen to lead us in God’s chosen nation.

Tommy Korioth said...

And I need a neurosurgeon to operate but without any surgical nurses or help. Is that possible?

Bob Poris said...

Isn’t wonderful to know that Carson made it on his own? He rejected all the help his family received from the invisible government that supplied food, money, clothing medical aid, schooling, etc., that allowed him and his family to eat and function?

Compare that to those who are also poor but receive nothing from charity or the government, either because they're not eligible or not counted in any census. Very few people have gone without receiving help from someone or some entity.

For those who trust in God or Jesus, did they not have prayer, or a teacher, an employer or friend? I Carson simply decided to learn by himself and was granted his credentials based on the brain he inherited while living on air, without shelter or clothing while waiting for patients to find him and shower him with money.

I think he owes a debt to the anonymous taxpayers and lawmakers that paid his way, while others used their own funds plus the governments help to survive the tough times. I consider that help and am glad it is available for those that are in some need.

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