Friday, October 2, 2015

Jeb! and Oregon

News Item 1:

Nine people were shot to death at a community college in Oregon. Some were young students. Parents were also killed. One victim was a professor. It appears the shooter was an unhappy young man. Multiple weapons were found at the scene.

The Response of Jeb! Bush:

"Stuff happens."  

And we don't need any more gun control laws. 

News Item 2:

We are averaging one mass shooting a day in the U.S. in 2015.


William Kendall said...

This is what one gets with an NRA that refuses to see it's part of the problem, and has such a stranglehold on way too many politicians.

This does not happen in the rest of the developed world with such frequency.

Even if the NRA lost every single one of their own children in school shootings, they would still refuse to admit there's a problem.

Bob Poris said...

He was an admirer of the Nazis, the IRA, hated organized religion, Killed Christians deliberately, loner, STUDENT OF THE SCHOOL AND A MEMBER OF THE CLASS HE SHOT AT, ETC. Guns in the hands of people kill people. We had better find ways to handle guns as many nations do so that collectors hunters, hobbyists, target shooters, security, police etc have them and all owners are know. Maybe even terrorists, nuts, potential anger management patients, etc. No carriers unless registered, etc. there must be some safety rules that can be used effectively. Severe penalties for violators, so that no one tries to buy or sell without registering,, including criminals, family members and honest people. That list can be revised if needed . Death by firing squad of volunteers chosen from gun lovers for violators.

Bob Poris said...

The above comment not about Jeb Bush, whom I try to ignore.

My comment referred only to young killer of his classmates in the Oregon College. His act was horrible.

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