Tuesday, September 8, 2015

One More Good Reason Not To Vote for The Donald

When asked, Trump said that he would indeed consider Sarah Palin for a job in his administration, should the craziness continue and he be elected.

Sarah Palin, who owns one of the weakest intellects known to humankind, is all agog.  "And please, Mr. Donald, sir, kin I be the boss of the energy department.  I'm not sure what they do there, but that department ain't needed, so I'll make disband it as soon as possible and maybe you'll have another job for me."

Palin the fed'ral guv'mint shouldn't be messing around with energy; that should be the responsibility of the states.

But the real reason she'd make a good head for that department is because of oil.  Alaska has lots of oil.  She knows Alaska has barrels and barrels of oil.  She's burned a lot of it shooting wolves from helicopters.  What other qualifications does she need?

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William Kendall said...

Oh, this woman will never go away!

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