Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kim Davis Explained in Four Easy Steps

Thanks to my friend, 
William Kendall, 
for these photos.

William blogs at 


William Kendall said...

Her supporters would like to pass herself off as a civil rights icon- but in fact in this particular drama she's the Bull Connor of the story.

Bob Poris said...

When do we get more pictures of her in jail? If we all could use her stupid thinking, Muslims would not serve alcohol if they wait tables, some Jews would balk at ham...the list must be enormous and The Bible is filled with violations worthy of stoning. Let he or she, who is without sin throw the first stone.

How do I get in the stone business. They will be a huge demand for stones to throw.

Ask Romney what the list is for his church and God’s messages, etc.

Bob Poris said...

Other than impeachment, how can they get rid of her? They need new rules but how do they get the votes and a new law????

Bob Poris said...

She was elected to the office. They would have to prove uer to be disnonest and guilty of some crime.and probably impeach her

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