Monday, August 31, 2015

Rick Scott gives hypocrisy a new name

Rick Scott, the hypocritical criminal governor of Florida is involved in auditing "Florida hospitals to ensure they haven’t committed Medicaid fraud. This comes from a governor whose tenure as CEO of Columbia/HCA hospitals led to the company being fined a then-record $1.7 billion for Medicaid and Medicare fraud. Scott pleaded the Fifth Amendment 75 times in a deposition to avoid discussing the case.
"On Aug. 3, Scott ordered audits on 29 hospitals that failed to meet an Aug. 1 deadline for providing information on their Medicaid contracts. As The Sun reported this week, he has now added another 100 hospitals — including North Florida Regional Medical Center and several run by the University of Florida — to the list because he was unsatisfied with their responses.

"Hospitals receiving public money should be scrutinized, but this seems like a politically motivated witch hunt. Scott has been on the warpath against hospitals since they sought state funding to supplement the federal aid lost due to the failure of Scott and the Legislature to expand Medicaid."

[From the Gainesville Sun].

h/t to Ybor Stogie


Bob Poris said...

What can be done to stop him form this type of harassment or wrongdoing, et?. Is there any entity that can find legitimate charges to investigate him so the citizens of the State can be protected from vendettas, criminal activities , impeachable offenses, or violations of his oath of office.

In addition he has appointees that seem to be unqualified for the positions, and some have either been forced out of office or have quit after media reports have accused them of inefficiency or something to make many lose confidence in them or embarrassment. If not a madman could win office and the citizens would have no options until his term of office was over.

Apparently many vote without enough information to judge their qualifications. It is possible that we are currently seeing that for a very high national office currently/ Our only option seems to be a free press, but that has changed to one not always free from not covering such things effectively enough to gain readership.

William Kendall said...

It astounds me that this guy is still in office. The editorial cartoonist Bill Day regularly has a field day skewering him.

Bob Poris said...

Florida voters are a strange breed and many are not very intelligent, but are citizens regardless of IQ, ability to read, think, or reason.

It took me many years to come to that conclusion, but I used to be a Republican for many years. Some of my superiors, in rank were, also so I left as soon as I had risen to higher titles of responsibility, each time I left. Friends thought I was conceited and enjoyed knocking my bosses. I thought it took me too long to understand how corporations worked. I changed fields and worked only for very smart owners that I respected in every situation and always respected them and stayed friendly after I left, once I was in a different field of endeavor where ability was more important than anything, even one’s family, ethnicity, color, religion, etc. It was fun and exciting! Scott apparently did it differently and became very wealthy but had to take the Fifth to avoid jail. The voters might have missed some of his biography or didn’t read the news or watch the news at the time. They even voted him in a second time. Who knows, he might run for President yet.

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