Friday, August 28, 2015

Christian Fundies vs the Taliban

The following article comes from RightWingWatch.  I have changed just a few words:  where the interim dean used the word, "Christian," I substituted "Muslim."  Where she used the word, "God," I substituted the word, "Allah," and the word, "Scripture" was changed to "the Koran."

* * * *

Recently, Rena Lindevaldsen, Liberty University Law School's interim dean, delivered an address to students on the question "Do Government Officials Have Authority to Impose Their Morals on Others?"

Lindevaldsen's answer was a resounding "yes," provided that the morals being imposed are Muslim ones. But if the morals being imposed are not Muslim ones, then the answer is obviously "no." As she explained, "civil government only has the authority that Allah has established" and so "civil government, if it's acting rightfully within its authority, should be acting consistent with the Koran."

"Government's only just authority [is] derived from Allah and it's purpose is to protect those inalienable rights that we have been given, not to infringe them as we're seeing take place a lot in society today," Lindevaldsen said. "Whether it's zoning or taxes or marriage or abortion, in those issues, government doesn't have authority to say that these things are appropriate because they're contrary to the Koran."

* * * *

The point of this little exercise is to illustrate rather dramatically that rightwing Christian fundamentalists who insist on their way or the highway, who have convinced themselves this is a Christian nation, who are devoutly certain that their god demands his laws (as interpreted by fundamentalist rightwing Christians) become the law of the land, are no different in essence than Muslim fundamentalists/extremists!

And that, my friends, is why they're so dangerous.

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William Kendall said...

It just makes you shake your head.

Professor Chaos said...

It's really frightening to think about these nuts ever getting complete control of the levers of government.

Lowell said...
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Bob Poris said...

Interesting conundrum? I believe that could also be valid with almost any other belief system that appeals to any group. Defining FREE Speech is always difficult when we don’t like others ideas as to what is OK and what is not.

I assume many Republicans and Democrats do not agree with all they are subjected to by politicians and other blabber mouths with microphones. Some might be funding efforts to find a way to resurrect an American Hitler. He was a master and with a shave and a funny hairdo and some speech correction he could be our next President. All it seems to take is to be “a very rich man” we are being told.

I assume lots of people live in fear that they will spend eternity in some hot place because others know they will not be allowed in “restricted” areas for lack of an acceptable label.

Bob Poris said...

Do the Fundies have a flag?

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