Sunday, April 5, 2015

Florida House tries to kill public education

TALLAHASSEE — Without a word of debate Friday, the Florida House approved a controversial proposal that could require school districts to share tens of millions of dollars in construction funds with rival charter schools. The bill was one of four high-profile education proposals that won the support of the Republican-dominated House to end the week.

The others would:

• Ease the penalties for schools that fail to comply with the constitutionally mandated limits on class size. 

• Create a pilot program to give principals more control over hiring and budget decisions.

• Encourage school districts to adopt mandatory school uniform policies for children in grades K-8 by offering incentive money.


Controversial campus guns bill advances in Florida Senate 3 Weeks Ago

The Buzz: House approves adoption bill on bipartisan vote 3 Weeks Ago

House panel approves bill allowing armed teachers 3 Weeks Ago

The above is from  My response:  First of all, the state has cut funding for Florida's public schools on a regular basis. Our governor, the King of Corruption, wants to privatize everything as that's how he made his a private company cheating Medicare. 

The man responsible for the charter school bill is tied directly to charter school companies. Republicans have for years tried to kill our public schools in Florida, first with vouchers and then with charter schools. It doesn't matter to them that vouchers are unconstitutional and/or that charter schools have failed miserably in the state. The Florida legislature is filled with the most corrupt of the corrupt! 

The campus guns bill would allow people to carry loaded weapons on the campuses of our colleges and universities. Just what we need with immature kids into drink and drugs! 

The adoption bill would allow adoption agencies to discriminate against gays - disallowing them to adopt children. 

If you've ever taught in Florida schools, you know that one of the last things we need is armed teachers. A lot of them can't even carry a book much less a gun!

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Bob Poris said...

I wonder what would happen if all Floridians understood that Florida is effectively a one party state and that party is Republican. Those that do not agree end up with little power.

Most state laws reflect one party’s views and the opposition is essentially frozen out most of the term and has been for years.

When I was a Republican, I wondered about it, but agreed in may cases. When I became certain it was not going to change, I changed my party, as I felt all sides should participate. I never figured out why others didn’t think of that solution

The midterm elections usually have little participation by potential voters. They don’t seem to realize that most of the bread and butter bills affect them every day, all the time! Taxes, health care, education, police and fire, road maintenance and repair, public safety, Jails, judges and the courts; child welfare, all the social services, and how tax money is spent. The list is endless and some of our representatives do not always care what we think.

Pick a party and vote in the primaries for those that most often vote as you want them to and for the people you think will do the best job of running your family’s life and then vote in the elections.

It’s your best chance to make your wishes known and getting those wishes put into law even though once elected our representatives are free to do as they wish and are vulnerable to the special interests that pay for their campaigns.

As an individual you are one person against organized special interests that use money to buy what they want. Find organizations that join together to promote your interests. All year round. Your one vote can be important, no matter which party you support. You can always vote as you please, once you register with either any party.

Don’t waste your vote on principle, once the election is over, you have to wait for the next election cycle. If you want to influence any particular issue you can go to meetings, write letters to the editors, discuss politics and current events with people that are willing to exchange ideas politely even if they do not agree. That’s how we learn!

Professor Chaos said...

Jeezus, what do these guys have against education?

Oh, right!

William Kendall said...

For so many reasons, Florida needs to be demoted to a territory or even lower for a few decades until it grows up.

Bob Poris said...

What Florida needs, is a change in the voting and registration process, so more people can vote and will. Hopefully the voters will find out what is at stake and vote for needed changes, including being a one party state

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