Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dan Fisher, et. al. Oklahoma fraudsters and purveyors of nonsense!

Please meet Dan Fisher [pictured above], who along with other nogoodnik Republicans in the Oklahoma State Legislature [Google them] have voted to ban high school Advanced Placement American History classes.  These fraudsters want to bring “God” back into the schools, to teach American “exceptionalism,” that the U.S. was founded by evangelical Christians, that this is a Christian country, evolution is a lie, etc., etc.

Advanced placement courses, which are essentially first-year college courses, ask students to think, to pursue truth, to reason, and not to faint when they discover that the United States is not the “perfect” country, nor is it the Christian “God’s” country, and that it has an assortment of warts comparable to most every other country on this rapidly destabilizing planet earth.  It may be wonderful but is not "exceptional."     

The poem below is for Dan and his friends - purveyors of nonsense and pompous proponents of idiocy - who should never be in positions of authority for they know not whereof they speak and thus promote views antithetical to the American experiment and lies which ill-serve the youth of their state.

Purveyors of Nonsense

You pitiful bastards belong in a zoo
to be poked at, prodded, laughed at too
self-styled warriors for what is untrue
eyes dulled by the wasted days of your youth.

Pompous proponents of nonsensical views,
you promote stupidity, you ignorant fools
you're servants of evil, salacious tools
who take aim at the young - the young you fear -
to cut off their heads in the coming year ...

... terrified of what your children may learn
how your old mythologies deserve to be burned
you right-winged fraudsters in the service of state
would leave to your youth a miserable fate.

Caught up in your propaganda machine
they’ll miss what an education should mean
you fraudsters would force-feed what you think is right
but your ideas won’t stand up to the light ...

... they pervert our nation’s history
and falsify what it means to be free.

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William Kendall said...

What a waste of space he is.

A few days ago a "Progressive" Conservative member of the provincial legislature here remarked that he doesn't believe in evolution, or that it should be taught in schools.

Unfortunately there are a good many people around in the public who seem to have no idea what the difference between a theory and a scientifice theory is.

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