Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Parade of Weirdos and Nogoodniks - mostly Republicans

Pat Robertson, the elderly man of junk science pictured above, opposes mandatory vaccinations because freedom.  He also thinks fluoride in the water could give your kids mumps or measles.  Of course, he also believes Jesus is his savior and when he dies he will live forever at the right hand of God.  

Congressman Sean Duffy (R-Wi) thinks he knows what is best for his children and therefore the government should not force him to vaccinate his kids because freedom.  An “oppressive” state, like these United States under President Obama, doesn't have any right to tell him what to do.

People like Robertson and Duffy are two of the group of monstrous Republican assholes who want to control female reproductive processes because … well, just because they’re assholes and are afraid of women.  On the other hand, using the oppressiveness of the state to ban abortions and contraception is just fine.

In North Carolina, Sen. Thom Tills, a retrograde Repugnican, is against forcing workers at Starbucks to wash their hands after using the bathroom.  Because freedom.  This is the same moron who when he was a state legislator, promoted ID legislation, cuts to unemployment benefits, tax cuts for the rich and restrictions on abortion.

Mike Huckabee:  Same sex marriage is like bacon to Jews.  Huh?  Well, what he said was that a restaurant that has to serve gays is the same as making Jews sell bacon-wrapped shrimp.  This is the same guy who keeps telling the world that states don’t have to follow federal laws they don’t like.  He doesn't seem to have heard about the Civil War and how that ended.  

Rep. Aaron Schock, who thinks he’s god’s gift to women, has redesigned his Congressional office to replicate the manor in the TV series, “Downtown Abbey.” 

Did he need to do this?  No.  Did he pay for it out of his own pocket?  Ha, ha, ha.  Did you and I pay for it with our taxes.  You bet.  Is Schock a putz.  You betcha!

Ron Paul, who claims to be an M.D. said, among other things, that vaccines can lead to mental disorders.  Howard Dean, a Democrat and also an M.D., said Paul’s statement disqualifies him from the Oval Office, because it shows he will deny what he knows to be true in order to win a political campaign.

Gov. Bobby Bob Booby Jindal down Louisiana way, assisted in putting together a specifically Christian spiritual event where people prayed and sang and heard sermons and prayed some more for four horrible hours!  Jindal told the crowd about how he came to Jeebus and insisted that we can “save” the nation only by praying and voting Republican.  We have to repent ‘cause god wants our prayers so we can “fix our nation.”

Poor god.  Evidently he can’t see us struggling down here and doesn’t realize the US of A is going to hell in a handbasket because of sin and stuff.  Or maybe he can see us and just doesn’t give a damn.  So pray, pray, pray - maybe the ol’ god will wake up and do sumthin! 

Or maybe god is mad as hell that Jindal is desecrating our Constitution by engaging is such an event.  He’s not a pastor, he’s a governor of ALL the people of Louisiana whether they be Xtns or Ignostics or Agnostics or Atheists or Muslims or Hindus or Pagans, or god forbid, fundy Christianists... 

The 56th time is gonna be the one!  The House of Representatives, headed by weepy Rep. Boner, has now voted 56 times to repeal Obamacare aka the Affordable Care Act.  Guess what?  They did this even though they know thousands of people will lose their health care if their stupid bill becomes law but they don't give a damn!

Rep. Mo Brooks, a Repug from Alabama, thinks ‘illegal aliens” may be the reason for the recent measles outbreak that started in California.  I think he’s wrong.  I think it’s Jenny McCathy’s fault and the fault of all the men who masturbated to her Playboy centerfold picture.  God's punishing us with measles because of those terrible sins.  Were you one of those, Rep. Brooks?

Ben Carson, who has never held an elective office, thinks that the measles outbreak is because of “undocumented people.”  Is that the same as "illegal aliens"?  Why is it that so many of the MD’s who enter politics are just plain assholes?

“Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, you do unto me.”  Jesus

Back to Mo Brooks of Alabama.  He doesn’t like Obama’s executive action re immigration and wants the federal courts to find that Obama violated the law. And if it turns out Obama doesn’t withdraw his executive order he might be subject to “the wrath that comes with a contempt citation with potential fines and jail time.”

Here are a few of the problems we face in this country and some suggestions: 

Global warming
The need for clean energy
Regulating Wall Street and the banks
Fixing our infrastructure which is in danger of failing
Providing all the necessary assistance to our veterans so private groups don’t have to take on that responsibility
Deal humanely with the immigration “problem”
Ensure that everyone has adequate health care
Protect the safety nets upon which millions of Americans rely - Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps, Welfare, etc.
Start closing the gap between the Middle Class and the very rich by taxing the hell out of the rich
Provide much needed funding and assistance to our public schools
Close down charter schools which have been shown to be ineffective 
Stop using taxpayer money for private/religious schools which is unconstitutional
Demand our police departments stop acting like the military 
Demand our police departments return their military equipment 
Make certain that our environment is protected from the predators who would destroy it
Reclaim our western government lands from rapacious ranchers like Clive Bundy who are currently defying the law by grazing cattle on government land, thereby destroying it
Stop pretending the US is “exceptional,” for it is not nor are its people
Reign in the Pentagon and their weapons of death
Force the the CIA to follow the law
Stop the NSA from spying on Americans just because they can
Repeal the Patriot Act which is anything but patriotic
Put an immediate end to fracking 
Reverse the Supreme Court ruling that corporations are “people” and thus have the rights of people under the Constitution 
Design comprehensive campaign finance reform
Stop pretending the 2nd amendment is a blank check for anyone who wants to carry any kind of gun and pass sensible gun control and close the loopholes

Let's be clear.  These are real problems that need real solutions now!  What has our Republican Congress (the only branch of government that can create laws!) done about them over the past six years?  Nada.  Nothing!

Kentucky.  Ken Ham, creationist wingnut of Answers in Genesis is trying to build a theme park - Ark Encounter - with a real big Noah’s Ark.  The State of Kentucky had planned to provide $18 in incentives ‘cause you know, tourists.

But then Ham and his ignorant cohorts wanted a special exception so they could discriminate and hire only employees who shared their creationist views.  The State of K said no, you can’t do that.  So Ham, et. al. is suing the State of K, insisting that not allowing him to discriminate is discrimination on the part of the State.  

This is one of the strangest invocation and prayers you ever will see.  June Griffin, a "longtime crusader for Christian values," gave the opening prayer for the Tennessee Senate this morning. After taking special prayer requests, she went right into a downright bizarre prayer to end any effort to expand Medicaid in Tennessee (thanks to the Nashville Scene for the transcript):
I pray for the people of Tennessee who have been so downtrodden by the wicked courts from on high that they have been subject to tyrannical judiciary. And I pray that you would save Tennessee from the edicts of Washington DC that would go against the plain wishes of the people of Tennessee, particularly pertaining to the 9th and 10th Amendment. 
I pray that you would sanctify this state, that it would be holy and would be a leader among the other states. That they would see that there is a God that lives, that you love the people of Tennessee. That you gave your life that we might be saved from our sins. I pray that you would forgive the many sins of carelessness or lethargy or desperation. The compromises. 
Oh lord save Tennessee for Jesus sake, and I pray that your will would be done that you would be our coverage, that we would not be forced into these edicts from Washington DC or any other quarter, but let the people know that our coverage is the same as with Moses and the children of Israel when they went through the wilderness with only the divine providence of almighty God. 
So I pray that everywhere there are meetings, and there is considerations and deliberations, that you would give these men and women who have been elected, give them the backbone and the remembrance of the Tennessee Declaration of Rights, Article 1, Section 2 — we are ordered to resist arbitrary power.
[I'm sorry, I can't remember where I got the above.  The Griffin is a freak and a prayer like this never ever should happen in a political legislature in this country!] 

Scott Walker, the Koch Brothers' puppet governor of Wisconsin, has, through his “help the rich get richer” shenanigans, created a $2.2 billion deficit.  Now, he’s decided he must cut some programs.  So, the University of Wisconsin is getting a $300 million cut.  However, Walker also wants to build a sports stadium which will cost multi-millions of dollars.The man’s an idiot and a true nogoodnik.  The people of Wisconsin have elected him twice and therefore deserve what they’re getting.  It’s just all so sad.

Brandon Browner is a football player with the NE Patriots.  He got miffed awhile back when President Obama didn’t mention him in person when the team met with the president last year.  What gall.  He plays football.  Football is a game!  He does nothing for the betterment of society or our country.  Who the hell cares and who the hell would miss him if he suddenly decided to concentrate on ballet?

Obama tells it like it is at National Prayer Breakfast and the rightwing nuts go nuts!  The NPB is a joke, anyway, and should be tossed in the garbage where it belongs!  It’s a gathering for fundamentalists to pray for our godless president and whine that god’s gonna destroy the country because Obama and homos.   President Obama should tell the wingnuts he’s not going to attend and give any credence to their stupidity.  But in his speech, he mentioned that ISIS was bad and noted that Christians have done bad things, too, and perhaps a little humility is in order. 
Oh, boy.  He obviously hates Christianity and is now blaming ISIS on the Crusades says a witless Michelle Malkin.  The other creeps that crawled out of their dark spaces said much the same thing.  Dereck Hale was outraged by Obama’s defense of Islamic violence by attacking Christianity.  These so-called Christians are anything but and will use any means possible to vilify the president.

Back to Alabama.  What a great state this is.  There must be more nimrods, morons, rednecks and just plain stupid people there than in any other state - well, except for South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Loosiana,Texas, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee…and maybe even Florida! 
One of the 'Bama morons is a Public Services Commissioner for the state by name of Chip Beeker.  Good ol’ boy Chip says measles is caused by same-sex marriage.  And America is failing because Obama, taking god out of public schools, socialism, daycares in public schools, moral decline, blah, blah, blah.

Years ago I liked Larry Gatlin.  Then he found Jeebus and became a total asshole.  Now he went to FAUX News where his good buddies hang out and told them about a song he was gonna write about assaulting a black lawmaker because the lawmaker insulted Larry’s state, the State of Texas.  Jest gonna beat the crap out of that liberal! 
What’s with these Christians who are just aching to beat up on anyone who doesn’t agree with them or doesn’t bow down and kiss their holy asses?

I’ve never much liked Brian Williams - too much of a Ken of the Ken and Barbie duo.  Brian needs badly to be important and to hang around with the rich and famous and he works for NBC, of course, which is one of our largest corporate monstrosities which claims to be a news station but is mostly a place where Republican politicians can regurgitate their hate for Obama and socialism.   
Brian, who promotes a squeaky-clean image, has feet of clay like the rest of us.  He lied about being in a helicopter that was shot down in 2003 in Iraq.  Williams has apologized for that lie. 
Hmmm.  Could he have made other stuff up like when during Katrina he saw a body float by his hotel window in New orleans or that his 5-star hotel was overrun with gangs while he was sick and he was rescued in a stairwell by a cop? 

It’s the squeaky-clean ones that get you every time!

And that's the way it is on this February 5, 2015. 


William Kendall said...

Pat Robertson's the worst of the lot, but that's quite a gang of dirtbags.

Bob Poris said...

I wonder why Robertson remains here, or anywhere, since he is not happy and want to leave so he can sit at the right hand of God. He would have to learn to speak Hebrew so god would speak to him. They ‘God would smack him up alongside the left side of his head and send him down to the Devil.

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