Saturday, January 10, 2015

Winfield, Alabama - God's town!

What follows also came from Daily Kos.

Winfield, Alabama.  Ruled by good white Christians.  Now a town owned by God.  According to Daily Kos, the city council and the mayor met secretly to give ownership of the town to "God."

Winfield, Alabama.  Ruled by some of most stupid, unpatriotic, unconstitutional bozos ever to hold political office in this country.

In an act of incomprehensible defiance of the United States Constitution, these bozos passed the following resolution:

     “Whereas we acknowledge God is the owner of the City of Winfield and that it is a City under God. We acknowledge that at all times, He is in control.
     “Whereas, we acknowledge that through His leadership, the Mayor and City Council will seek his wisdom and knowledge to be good stewards of the city.
     “Whereas, we acknowledge that though prayer, with His guidance and presence, that we will be able to trust that no problem will be too large or too small to overcome.
     “Whereas, we acknowledge that the City of Winfield is where it is today because of God’s grace and mercy.
     “Whereas, we acknowledge that at all times and in all circumstances, His will shall be done.
     “Whereas, we acknowledge that to God be the glory.”

If there really were a merciful god, he'd force each one of these bozos to sit through ten years of listening to Thomas Jefferson speak about the meaning of religious freedom and separation of church and state!

The town's website is here.  Fortunately, it's a little one-horse town so not a lot of people will be impacted by these fools.  Perhaps the ACLU will get involved and teach these morons a little bit about the U.S. Constitution.


William Kendall said...

Save us all from the evangelicals.

A couple of days back I got into a message war with a lunatic on Facebook who didn't much care for being called sanctimonious and self righteous. She started cursing up a storm in messages, and really didn't like it when I referred to God as She.

Bob Poris said...

Wonderful. That same God gave people free choice, so little be changed. We could get a return to the Inquisition, Hitler, dictatorships, the dark ages, less aid for those damaged by acts of God that floods, lands, causes earthquakes, etc and brought us to our present state, while waiting the return of a Messiah, but the clocks will not work and the media will not report, so we shall remain where we are. People could change that but will they? If we survive long enough we will find out. When it reaches us personally.
Happy New year
Bob, the voice of doom

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