Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Voice- Sandy Hook Tribute "Hallelujah"

I found this moving tribute in an article by Frederick Clarkson on Talk 2 Action.  Mr. Clarkson speaks of Mike Huckabee's demagoguery related to the Sandy Hook shooting.  You may recall that Huckabee blamed, not the shooter, but our "society" which has banned his god from our public schools.  Such stupidity becomes ever more important in light of the fact Huckabee is again making noises that he thinks he should be president.

At the end of the song, each child was mentioned along with a note about what made them unique and special.

It is my understanding that this tribute was difficult as the participants kept breaking down in tears.

May 2015 bring us less guns, less killing, less stupidity!

You can read Mr. Clarkson's article here.


William Kendall said...

Very effective version of the song. Aside from Leonard's original take, I've always liked KD Lang's version of it done at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

As to Mike... he's had a go at it several times. Is he really that dumb that he can't take a hint?

Bob Poris said...

Huckabee’s God is all powerful, master and creator of the universe, but apparently did not think being banned from schools in the USA was important enough to bother or worry about. I think God should be be insulted that Huckabee presumed to take over God’s authority and use God’s name to accomplish his petty ambition to raise money to be a president within one of His domains. Wouldn’t He prefer Huck did something to stop some of the more terrible things done in God’s name? Maybe that is why Huckabee is not president?

Lowell said...

I heard KD Lang's version earlier today. It was moving. What a singer she is!

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