Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bachmann called a rally and (almost) nobody came

This from Daily Kos:

Michele Bachmann (you do remember her, right?), just after the President notified the world he intended to issue an executive order to halt the deportation of illegal immigrants, went on FAUX News to issue her own "executive order" - a call for a rally to protest the president’s “illegal” action.

“I’m calling on your viewers to come to DC on Wednesday, December 3," she said, "at high noon on the west steps of the Capitol.  We need to have a rally, and we need to go visit our senators and visit our congressman, because nothing frightens a congressman like the whites of his constituents’ eyes … “

Dontcha just love the phrase “whites of his constituents’ eyes”?  So cute.  

And dontcha just love the assumption that all the viewers of FAUX News hate the Kenyan Usurper in Chief so much they’d drop everything and head to D.C.?

And dontca think this is a pretty good example of why “fair and balanced” can never be applied to FAUX Nexs, because FAUX News is nothing more than an organ in service to the ultra right SOBs trying to screw our country.

The story ends this way:  Nobody showed up at Bachmann’s rally.  Well, that’s not quite true.  Two other wingnuts with screws loose - Ted Cruz and Steve King were there, along with about 40 other “protestors.”

So, Bachmann settled for a press conference. 

A quote from Daily Kos, “I guess when you lose a presidential primary and decide to leave Congress, you lose some of that special sparkle.  But Bachmann’s level of celebrity also has to have been hurt by the ever-increasing competition she faces in the flagrantly inane extremism category.”

I think “inane” is not quite the right word.  Batshit crazy is more appropriate.


Professor Chaos said...

Geez, Michele. Your 15 minutes are up. Go away.

William Kendall said...

Calling her batshit crazy is like calling Crater Lake a pond.

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