Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ebola may not be THE problem

This is a guest post by Bob Poris.

When the publicity seeking politicians get out of the way and proper funding, if needed, is sought. Ebola will be fought as best as current medical science dictates. At some point the public will learn when and how the danger can reach them. By then we will have treatment facilities geared to the dangers and personnel will be trained properly. 

The danger from outsiders reaching our shores without proper screening will continue just as smuggling, the sale of illegal arms, and counterfeiting money, etc., has also continued forever. We need to trust those charged with the task of preventing, curing and advising us. Panic does nothing to help. 

In the meantime the flu season is here; so is measles, whooping cough and other deadly diseases that are easily transmitted and cause many deaths all over the USA. Many children and senior citizens are not getting vaccinated. We pay little attention to well known dangers while panicking over a new deadly one that is still not an epidemic in our country.

The public needs to be alerted to the real dangers we face today, many of which can be avoided by practicing healthy habits such as washing one's hands frequently, but especially by safe and effective vaccinations. 


Lowell said...

Thanks for this, Bob. I think you're right on target. Too many people these days are not being vaccinated and many of these diseases and breaking out anew.

It's also my understanding that Congress has been unwilling to fully fund the medical needs related to Ebola. That way they can continue to blame Obama for not doing their jobs!

William Kendall said...

And it doesn't help that the media on all sides are acting like it's the end of the world.

It's a fierce disease, yes. But it's not easy to transmit, and it really does not do well in temperate climates.

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