Monday, August 11, 2014

Shalom, mother****r.

(This article was written by Eitan Chitayat, "founder of, a boutique global agency that specializes in branding, animation, storytelling, and design. [...]  He's lived in Hong-Kong, London, Tel Aviv, New York and Boston."  The article appears in his blog at The Times Of Israel.)

I don't know how to write this without sounding like the kind of person I'm about to sound like, but sometimes you've just go to write it like you feel it.  And I feel this.  I un-friended a 'friend' from Facebook the other day.

To be honest, he wasn't really a friend.  He was a professional acquaintance and one whose talent I respect.  But that's it.

I un-friended him because he crossed a line.

I don't mind that he didn't write to ask how we're doing here in Israel.  People have their lives and we're not the center of the world.

No.  He started posting videos and images that reek of anti-semitism and an anti-Israel bias the likes of which are posted by people who clearly hate my country.

And I saw these posts.

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