Saturday, July 12, 2014

Truth and Executive Orders

Bachmann, Palin, Boehner and other dimwits are walking around with their panties tied in knots because Mr. Obama, our black, Muslim, nogood President has signed off on so many Executive Orders, among other things.  And he's done these horrible deeds merely to spite the Republicans in Congress who have tried so hard to deal with him in a truly bipartisan way.

Because the Repubicans in Congress wouldn't agree with Mr. Obama's crazy schemes to make our country a better place to live, such as the Affordable Care Act, and because he then chose to move ahead without the recalcitrants in Congress by issuing Executive Orders to achieve his goals, Bachman and Palin and other white trash want to impeach the president.  Palin also believes that Obama's "failure" to secure our southern border is part of a bigger plot to do something which she is not sure about but must be also worthy of impeachment. 

Boehner just wants to sue him and he plans to do so just as soon as he finishes his golf game at Congressional.

One thing we have learned about Republicans in recent years is that they operate with the understanding that what you believe and what you say need not be related to truth or reality in any way.  That's why Republicans can claim global warming is nothing more than a liberal plot to deny corporations their rightful profits by forcing them to enact unnecessary environmental safeguards.

And that's why Republicans can say that Obama was responsible for the fiscal mess left by former president Bush.  That's why the current mashup in Iraq is also Obama's fault.  Facts don't matter. 

So far as Executive Orders go, the truth is that Mr. Obama has issued fewer executive orders than either Mr. Georgi W. Bushki or the Gipper.  Consider:  Reagan issued 381 executive orders.  Bushki issued 291.  In Mr. Obama's first 5 1/2 years he issued 168 Exective Orders.

Good luck with the impeachment and the lawsuit you dumber than dumb goofballs!


William Kendall said...

For all their devoted praise to the likes of Reagan- and by extension Maggie Thatcher- it was the economic policies of those two that set the stage for the last recession.

O for a reasonable Republican these days. I doubt such a creature exists.

Bob Poris said...

Some might disagree but I liked it though.

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