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Raphael and Ted Cruz aka Ra Fi El and Tabi.

Arthur Woodstone was well-known as a wise man, a moral man, a writer--a raconteur, if you will.  His work, published in The New Yorker and other magazines reflected a witty, wise and somewhat cynical soul whose heart might be bleeding but was always in the right place.  

Art died not long ago, but shortly before he passed he sent me the following essay.  It is quintessential Art and the humor is mixed with the bitter pathos derived from the knowledge that Ted Cruz and other Tea Party nogoodniks really don't care about this country and its people.  They live and die by an ideological soup which blends their fundamentalist religion with a political posture in such a way as to effectively exclude the great majority of our citizens even as it wages war on our Constitution!



Is the son really an American?  He was the birth child of Ra Fi El and his wife, Eleanor [which was rendered in her husband's secret diaries as El N a Nor].  Ted was born in Calgary, in Canada, a province you will immediately recognize as  a largely unexplored  wilderness in the darkest north, with long, icy winters and nothing to occupy a bitter man's hours except twiddling frost-bitten fingers and dreaming of perpetrating vast mischief, guided by malevolent "handlers" who put him in place until the time comes  to initiate chaos and destruction.

All that remained for the plotters  to complete the dream of spreading wide the disaster was to identify and occupy an ideal location from which to start--say for instance, fertile Texas. 

I am ahead of myself, for which I apologize.  So, for a few moments more, let's dwell on names found in Ra Fi El's diaries. They reveal that the original Cruz family name was Khroos.  Although I have not been able to pin it down conclusively as Arabic in origin, it does, you will agree, sound suspiciously Arabic.

Moreover, the diaries reveal Ted's birth name was not Ted, according those patriotic American researchers who first exposed Ra Fi El's secret scribblings.  Khroos senior always referred in writing to his son-in-training as Tabi.  One may presume that Tabi is the diminutive for Tabid, the name originating in Baghdad for an eighth century Arab philosopher, later anglicized as Theodore Abu Quarra.

Virtually every proper name in Ra Fi El's diaries smacks of Islam.  For instance, Khroos Sr. favored spelling Calgary as Kal Ga Ri and Cuba as Khuba and Iran [as rendered in the diaries] as

It doesn't take a great forensic leap to  recognize the implications.

Then there is the matter of Ra Fi El's departure from Khuba.  Was it voluntary--did Khroos, the father, really decide on his own to leave that island country so antagonistic to democracy--or was he pushed out, a possible criminal buried by Khastro [yes, another spelling found in the diaries] among the Khuban refugees exported to America those many years ago via the Mariel boat lift? 

Actually, that question ultimately proves irrelevant in light of what the experts [and I modestly add,  they include myself] think most likely: his handlers planted him in Khanada where he could inflict   hurt on Kal Ga Ri's culture and economy.  What neither the handlers nor Ra Fi El anticipated was the stultifying ennui and the indifference of those hardy, winterized Khanadanians that made sabotage not just difficult but meaningless.
But before Ra Fi El could manage to migrate to more fertile territory and create great mischief, Tabi was born [considered the accidental result of lust and circumstance to alleviate the boredom of the Kal Ga Ri winter], making the unwelcome child a citizen of Khanada,

We experts haven't yet ruled out Khuba  as the origin of the plan to destroy the Americas,  but the more promising country of origin is .إيران. 

But what we do know conclusively is that whatever the country, that country chose carefully. When Khanada proved a bust, the handlers moved Ra Fi El, his wife and three-year old son south to Texas, a land known to be ideal for inflicting chaos, separatism and hate on western civilization.

Once in Texas, the scheme began paying dividends almost immediately. Tabi quickly proved adaptable to the onery, Texas-style attitude.  He mastered the role of Difficult Child, showing:  smug, bullying, dictatorial, a know-it-all attitude, character traits which repelled young Tabi's pre-school peers, but appealed strongly to their adoring parents.

A grown-up Tabi has proved no less annoying, no less dictatorial, no less dangerous to
everyone in America, if you omit Texas voters and a scattering of non-tea-drinking Tea Partiers who worship at the feet of the junior Senator, especially after he opens his mouth to brag openly of his capacity to inflict hurt on every part of country--that is, if the United States really is his country. 

I think it deliberate that Tabi has even done deep harm to his own, putative party, the GOP. Even columnist Kathleen Parker, no friend of Democrats, has declared that, thanks to the damage inflicted by Khroos, it's unlikely "that Republicans could convince anyone that they should be allowed to deliver milk, much less hold the nation’s purse strings..." 

Though the junior Senator claims Hispanic origins, it has also been said, more than once by more than one observer, that "the loudmouth from Texas...has wrecked the  'Latino brand.'"  Which raised the question: what if the Latino brand isn't truly the Khroos brand?

Then, of course, the economic damage caused by the shutdown Tabi demanded, in the name of frugality, may well be incalculable. The latest, incomplete, count, set the losses to the United States  treasury at $24 billion.  [Even at this distance, I can hear the guffaws all the way from Baghdad.]

The Washington Post said "the amount of wreckage Cruz [sic] caused in such a short time is truly awe-inspiring."

There is no doubt that Tabi Khroos is a sleeper, designed after the Mancurian Candidate. He was created by his father Ra Fi El who, in turn, was the creation of America's enemies to bring down our government and terrorize and enslave its citizens.

let's hereafter think warily of Senator Tabi as the dark messenger, the new Manchurian [or whatever] Candidate.   Although we experts obviously lean toward .
إيران., until we can pin it down to a single trouble-maker, you get your own  choice:  Tabi Khroos, the Khuban Candidate, the Iranian Insult, or the Texan Candidate from Hell.
In the final analysis, it doesn't matter  which country originated the scheme to use one Khroos or another to sabotage civilization..Cuba, Iran and Texas are all foreign countries.

It is, however, imperative you understand Tabi  is focused on and dedicated to the  destruction of western civilization...and, so far. he is succeeding.

Arthur W.

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