Monday, May 12, 2014

Marco Rubio - Jackass

Marco Rubio is a jackass.

In a recent interview he stated he does believe in global warming but does not believe that humans have anything to do with it.   The warming of the earth is just one of those cyclical things.

But we know from previous experience that Marco is a liar.  The stories he told as to how his parents arrived in this country - fleeing the tyranny of dictator Fidel - were not true.  But even though his lies were made public, the people of Florida voted for him; and that goes to show that in Florida, lying is not necessarily bad. It's good, in fact, if you can get by with it and get yourself elected to the U.S. Senate.

Mr. Rubio is typical of most conservatives these days. Facts, evidence, and reality do not impinge upon their worldview. They can believe whatever the hell they so desire and voila! it is so! So, in spite of overwhelming evidence, backed by a huge majority of science and scientific minds, which indicates that global warming is most assuredly caused by the actions of humans, Mr. Rubio says with a straight face, "I don't believe that!"

I'll bet he does believe that the sun revolves around the earth, that there was a Great Flood at one time, that the moon is made of green cheese and that little green men live on Mars.

And this jackass thinks he has what it takes to be president of the United States. Unfortunately, he has much in common with Georgi W. Buski, and we all know how that ended up.


Raksha said...

I suddenly realized as I was coming to the end of your post that one reason for your contempt for Marco Rubio is because he's one of your senators. While you have my sincere sympathy, things could be worse--he could be my senator! What he'll never be is President of the United States, although I'd like to see him try. Especially if he runs against a true-blue populist progressive like Bernie Sanders. I guess I like things nice and simple, in black and white.

Professor Chaos said...

Ideology trumps facts for these people every time.

William Kendall said...

One of the Chief Idiots in the GOP. Teddy R, Lincoln, and Eisenhower must be wondering where it all went that wrong.

lydilouikats said...

100% Agree he is an A$$!

Anonymous said...

Marco Rubio is a professional Cuban, someone just slap that idiot already.

Bob Poris said...

He and his father left years before Castro; probably couldn’t get a good job under the terrible dictatorship they lived under. Why didn’t they stay to make Cuba free? They have zero experience with democratic rule, other than in the USA, under Democrats and Republicans - which helped them get settled and gave them a way to live until they could do well enough to make a living? Who paid for their aid, education for the kids, etc. who paid the taxes to help support them? How lazy and criminally inclined were they while they were poor or unemployed? Did they get help or any healthcare when needed? They do not seem to be as grateful as many of the immigrants I have known that arrived with nothing and rose to the middle class and became able to support a family.

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