Saturday, June 8, 2013

NFL Chump Matt Birk

[Photo by Baltimore News Journal]

The NFL's Baltimore Ravens were invited to visit the White House and hang out with the President.  Matt Birk, called by some a "champ," by others a "chump," refused to go.

This football player (he's just a football player for God's sake!) essentially claimed he could not be in the presence of the president because the president is pro-abortion and he, a famous football player, is anti-abortion!

The president, said the chump, actually defended the funding of Planned Parenthood.  Omigod, said the chump (which is reasonable as he doubtless thinks he has a pipeline to the deity), that's awful.  How could anyone with his high moral standing be in the same room with such a despicable person as the president of the United States?

This bit of trivia shows, I think, how far we have fallen.  The far-right goofballs and christianists have descended into a world of idiocy; a world where nothing matters except for their opinions; a world where scientific fact is shuffled off into the corner in favor of ancient mythologies; a world where if people disagree they cannot be in one another's presence because one disagreement nullifies their common humanity.

I mean, when you're right, you're right.  Unless you're not right!

Now, Mr. Birk has every right to be not right.  And he has a right to voice his non-right opinions - his religious prejudices.  And he has a right not to meet with the president.

All of which says nothing about Mr. Obama, but it makes Mr. Birk look like a chump - a moron, for Mr. Birk has proudly joined the parade of nogoodniks helping to bring our country to its knees.  I have little doubt he'll run for a seat in Congress just as soon as his body gets as battered as his brain and he can no longer beat up his cohorts on the gridiron.

And there he will join the ever-growing group of chumps that festoon those hallowed halls where they fester and infect the body politic until it grows too sick to function!

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