Saturday, March 2, 2013

President Obama on the Sequester

The people voted into office those morons who currently hold the majority power in the House of Representatives.  They are responsible for this horrible mess, not the president.  Only they can fix it, not the president.  The Republican majority in our Congress said loudly and clearly, "We care only about our rich friends and to hell with the rest of you!  Our main objective for the past four years has been to bring down the president even if we have to destroy out country to do it!"

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Bob Poris said...

I wonder why so many people cannot see the real problems. They keep voting for the same idiots that refuse to look at the real problems. We have been going downhill since Gingrich and Norquist substituted their Contracts to replace representative governing! The contracts favor a tiny group of special interests, not the nation as a whole.

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