Tuesday, September 4, 2012

There it is!!!

Musings on Labor Day - 2012

The man representing the privileged class, from which comes the oligarchy who run this country, claims to be able to empathize with the middle-class, the poor, the sick and the elderly.

How does he do that?  Well, here's one example.  A few days ago, while touring the areas damaged by Hurricane Isaac, he responded to one woman's plea for help by telling her to go home and call 211!

And here's another.  From an article in the Huffington Post:

"Romney took a midmorning boat ride, pulling up to a dock to fuel up his 29-foot Sea Ray and pick up a jet ski that had been in for repairs.

"In his Labor Day statement, Romney said, 'For far too many Americans, today is another day of worrying when their next paycheck will come.'"

He failed to say how he would address the problem.  As usual.

With Republicans, it's all smoke and mirrors!

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