Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Born with a silver spoon

 The Candidate

I was not born
With a silver spoon
He said
Eyes glinting
Chin jutting
Brow furrowed  
A creeping smile
Slithering across
His political

We lived in a
Basement apartment
Like regular folks
She said
Stepping out of a 
60s sitcom
All fluff
And full of lace
As is right
For a woman
Who knows
Her place.

They said
We had to live
On returns 
From investments
It was hard
We even got
Regular haircuts
And ate at McDonalds
Unless daddy and mommy
Took us out
Or gave us money
For the rent.

We know all
About you
Poor folks
Struggling to
Pay the bills
And feed the kids
With college ahead
We suggest you
Get money from
Your folks and
Live in a tent.

And when you
Get old
Become a Mormon
Mormons take care
Of one another
By piling up money
And stowing it
Away for a
Rainy day
So Mormons
Don't need
No government.

They do it all themselves!

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