Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ryan's Topsy-Turvy Universe

Let's see if we can figure this out.  It's going to be difficult, because Republicans never say what they mean or mean what they say until they say they didn't say what they meant and didn't mean what they said.  Got that?

Acccording to an article in the Huffington Post, Paul Ryan, the wannabe VP on the Romney bus, told a TV interviewer that he did not seek stimulus funds for his district even as he was complaining that the stimulus was a "wasteful spending spree."  He  d-i-d  N-O-T  d-o  t-h-a-t!!!

Ok.  That's pretty straight-forward:  Ryan did not ask for stimulus funds while bitching about the stimulus program. 

Oops.  It looks like there may be a problem with Mr. Ryan's veracity and that gets us into the "didn't say what he meant and didn't mean what he said" business.  The Associated Press has, in hand, letters to the Energy Secretary, in which Mr. Ryan had good things to say about the stimulus while at the same time asking for stimulus funds for his congressional district.


This is called "evidence," Mr. Ryan.  I know that's not something you've bothered yourself about lately, being an advocate of Ayn Rand and now the Pope, neither of whom gave/give a rat's ass for evidence as to their convoluted theories, but in the real world evidence stands for something.  Truth, for example.

This kind of topsy-turvy universe in which Mr. Ryan lives, is further brought to the fore by a spokesman in his office who said that if the congressman asked for stimulus funds, he was merely "providing a legitimate constituent service."  The implication being, of course, that asking for funds is not really asking for funds.  And praising the stimulus in private is the same thing as bashing the stimulus in public.

You gotta admit these Christian Republicans are not only fun to watch but a cagey bunch!  It's sad to think that lots of folks out there in la-la land will listen to Ryan not mean what he says and not say what he means, nod their heads, and think, "He's a good man.  I'm gonna vote for him.  And even Romney's better than that black guy in the Oval Office."

May the gods help us!

The Huff Post article is here.

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Bob Poris said...

Maddow did a real number on Ryan’s letters asking for Stimulus money with great compliments for its use in creating jobs and helping the economy. She showed copies of the various letters which resulted in his district getting lots of Stimulus money. When asked about it by reporters he denied ever asking for Stimulus money. When showed the letters he doesn’t remember and blamed it on his staff.

All during that time and even now, he claims the stimulus was a failure and waste of money, etc

He and his boss have a real problem with truth! I also think they are terribly ignorant or uninformed about current events anywhere in the world.

The sad thing is their base is less informed and ignorant and is encouraged and allowed to vote in states where Democrats are having difficulty getting proper id.

It’s past time for the Democrats to use their advertising to expose these liars with split screens and use their own words to show them up.

Mrs. Romney insists they will not give their tax returns BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL USE THEM TO ASK QUESTIONS INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON ISSUES! I think Obama should reissue his tax returns, along with his birth certificate, College grades etc and be pictured in Church and eating pork with his family.

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