Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dana Perino can't explain how Bush tax cuts created jobs

More Republican mythology down the tubes!

Thanks to Media Matters for this clip.

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Bob Poris said...

NO one else has been able to either, even after all these years. The facts are that taxes rarely kept people from going into business or even staying in business. I refer all to the history of the years when the upper tax rates were in the 90% range and we prospered. They were the years of enormous enclosed shopping centers all over the entire USA, along with other businesses. Taxes are simply a cost of doing business. We all would like lower taxes but we do need many of the things taxes pay for, regardless of waste and fraud.
When Bush reduced both taxes and regulations, we went into a deep recession and unemployment rose, even before Obama took office. Apparently the job creators found places to invest outside the USA. They are still not doing much as of this date, even though nothing has changed YET! THERE ARE BILLIONS OF DOLARS NOT BEING INVESTED IN THE USA.

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