Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ruminations on Marriage, Gays, and God's Rules

This is a guest post by my good friend, Bob Poris.

I think the next amendment to the Constitution of the US and of each state should be a real defense of marriage. All divorce should be banned and adultery should be punished by stoning, (not the same as getting stoned). Then what God has joined together, no man or women can separate in any way. Then nothing gays can do will affect marriage. I would assume all religious people would like that as it follows what they tell us is God’s will.

Not being schooled in religious rules, I wonder if Adam and Eve were married and how they became parents? Did they formalize any rules given them by their Creator so that future generations could follow them? How did they know how to create a new life if both were alone in the world and both virgins? Since both derived from the same body originally, weren’t they related genetically? When did they determine what the rules were as to marriage, incest, procreation, sex and when did they learn which sexual practices were acceptable to God, the Father?

I was married almost three years when my wife became pregnant and I begged her not to tell her father as I did not think he would approve of us having sex. He was not only a tough guy, he was a prude. Imagine what went through Adam's and Eve’s minds when they did not have ministers and priests around monitoring their morals. Even if they had written rules, where did they keep stone tablets with the rules, as they had no pockets and fig leafs were pretty small and didn’t cover much.

Neither history nor the biblical book of Leviticus have much to say as to how all the rules were made and enforced starting with Adam and Eve. They did not have the arguments over contraception then, so that was not an issue.

I have lots of other questions but think it best to start at the simplest level first. In later years humans had to contend with clothing, pockets, sex as we know it now, but without pornography or portable pictures, all sorts of rules and laws in an age when brides were very young and abstinence was the rule.

If anyone out there is privy to these things I would appreciate them sharing their vast knowledge with me.

Thank you.

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Art W. said...

You know what? The folks who insist the world began five thousand years ago with Adam and Eve are right and the rest of us have been wrong all along: there is no such thing as evolution.

If we came from monkeys we'd be a lot smarter than we are. Have you ever met a monkey hellbent on self-destruction? I'll wager not.

If it weren't for Bob Poris this irrefutable truth would never have occurred to me. It is Bob, who hit upon it first: Adam and Eve shared the same genetic code. Now it is unimportant whether he was the father, she the daughter or whether they were brother and sister, we--all of us--are the direct result of original incest.

There is no other rational explanation for why the entire human race--and not just Republicans--is comprised of imbeciles, and that includes you, me and the guy who lives down the street, especially the one who belongs to the Tea Party.

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