Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mormons ain't Christians - Ev'rybody knows that! From the Daily Show

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The GOP is made up of morons, and some Mormons.  A few self-described Republican "leaders" are pious Baptist preachers who live in a world unrelated to reality and who believe the most god-awful stuff (like the world was created in 6 days by a god up in the sky; a god who got really pissed at his creation in a very short time, so killed every living thing on earth in a vengeful moment (except for two of each kind, or was it seven of each kind?), and then a few thousand years later had his son born of a virgin after he impregnated her himself disguised as a holy spirit (which reeks of incest if you ask me) and then insists, like all ancient gods, that his son [who was also himself in disguise] had to be sacrificed to satisfy his blood lust and everyone must believe this or when they die this "loving" god will send to them to a hell where they will burn in eternal torment), yet have the gall to decry Mr. Romney's Mormonism, which is also full of god-awful and ridiculous beliefs!

More importantly, one wonders if these clowns have ever heard of the "no religious test for political office" clause in our Constitution?

I think Mormonism is idiotic.  I cannot understand how any rational human being can be a Mormon.  But then, I feel the same way about Roman Catholicism and fundamentalist religion of whatever stripe.

I dislike Romney intensely, believing him to be a liar and a fraud and without an ethical or moral base who will say and do anything to achieve the presidency.  But I don't give a damn about his religion so long as it does not impact the oath of office that the president takes to, above all else, uphold the Constitution of the United States!  

The religious kooks that appear in this video, including Billy Graham's son, are fanatics who would shove the Constitution under the bus in order to force their religious beliefs on the people of the United States.  That becomes very clear as they swish and sway and say that, while Mr. Romney is a Mormon, and thus not a Christian (which is really bad), Mr. Obama, being a lover of abortion, is a worse person than Romney.  Or,  as Mr. Stewart points out, "They hate Obama more than they love Jesus!"


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