Thursday, May 17, 2012

The evil that men the name of righteousness... almost beyond comprehension.  The Republican Party and its backers are now officially relegated to the sewers of political history!

GOP Super Pac planning dastardly attack on President Barack Obama!

Which leads the average person to wonder what can possibly be done to counter the avarice of these profiteers who have sunk to the bottom of the pond, lower than scum, to obtain their goals and increase their riches?

Please read this article from The New York Times.


Bob Poris said...

This tells us that many huge sums of money will be spent to link Obama and the Rev Wright together again. I assume it will be very effective even though there has been no evidence that Obama is part of any grand plan in conjunction with Wright.

I found the article to be interesting as it indicates how a few people with money to burn can affect elections. They are entitled to their views, of course, but is it good for democratic ideals or not? Using propaganda on any side does not help generally.

I would prefer much more debates re real problems that both sides agree should be addressed. It would help if both could discuss how to accomplish their goals. The gas prices will not be solved by either or any president; neither will climate change; immigration, crime, etc. All require action locally and by Legislatures, not presidents. It will take plans and approval of both Houses of Congress always not simply a desire to change anything.

Professor Chaos said...

They have no shame.

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