Friday, December 30, 2011

President Obama Will Win In An Overwhelming Landslide in 2012....

Frank Schaeffer writes at the Huffington Post.  He says:

America is a one party state. The Democratic Party is the sole political party in the US now.

The Republican Party is no more. It is not a normal political party... It has become a clearing house for religious fanatics, Ayn Rand groupie weirdos and angry white racists driven literally mad by seeing a black man in the White House, a black man more articulate and intelligent -- not to mention annoyingly even tempered -- than they or their bizarre leaders are.

I was a Republican activist in the 1970s and 80s. My father was a founder of the religious right and I was his sidekick. What he and I did -- sadly -- still resonates today.

For instance Michele Bachmann got into politics because of reading my father's work. I escaped -- fled -- in the early 1990s. ...


As Hal Crowther writes:

The Republican Party's slapstick search for a leader would be heartwarming and sidesplitting, but for the tragic knowledge that one of these scrambling midgets will collect tens of millions of votes in the presidential election of 2012. Never have so many amounted to so little, talked so much rubbish, dreamed of an office so far above their abilities. ...

The GOP dilemma -- a golden opportunity to rule but nothing to say and no one to say it -- is so desperate that my instinct is to help them sort it out. Could we make a start, at least, by dismissing candidates who called for President Obama's birth certificate or raised the specter of Sharia law in America, followed briskly off the stage by lunatics who dismiss global warming as a socialist plot?

This is what not whom, President Obama will run against in 2012. He will be running against the "party" that in the matter of the debt crisis is happy to take the whole country with them over the cliff of loony and contradictory Bible-based/Ayn Rand-inspired, ideology into economic chaos. None of which any former Republicans, let alone any actual Christians -- i.e., those who try to follow the teachings of Christ -- would recognize.

The rest of this essay as to why Obama will win overwhelmingly in 2012 - which details his very real accomplishments and his strength of character, can be read here.

For example, Obama, in spite of the total non-cooperation of the Republican Party, "Extended child tax credits and marriage-penalty fixes; killed bin Laden; increased minority access to capital; closed the 'doughnut hole' in [the] Medicare prescription drug plan, required insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions" and much more.

The concluding paragraph is blunt, to the point, and absolutely on target: "As for the 'Republicans,' there are none, just a rag-tag group of losers who have hooked their despicably low expectations to bronze-age biblical myths on the one hand and a cult of anti-middle-class selfishness and union-busting, job-exporting, billionaire worship on the other."

Can anyone say "Amen!"?

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