Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Am Not Moving! The hypocrisy embedded in our system!


Sailor said...

Seems like Obama's hands are tied up too now. He is like in the middle of a rock and a devil

Jan Rogozinski said...

Dear Sailor:

I do not get your point about Obama.

Obama ran in 2008 against the current system. Which is one in which the top 1% rule, and the rest of us have nothing.

Since his election, he has ignored all of his campaign promises. Obama refused to prosecute any of the crimes committed by the bossess of the big banks. The "reforms" since then still have not brought us back to where we were before Bush II abolished all regulaitons and every regulaiton.

Now O is defending the banksters. Misquoting MLKing that not all bank CEOS are bad. Which is like saying that not everyone selling crack to 10 year olds is bad.

So he is not between x and y. He definitely has come out very strongly on the side of the top 1% and he despises you and me. This is not surprising because he gets hundreds of milions in contributions the banksters toward his reelection.

Obama was never qualified to be president. He was nominated because democrats wanted someone "Black" as president--someone, anyone. (Well, of course, O is not Balck. Racially, he's a mulatto 50/50. Psychologically, he's White, since his upbringing and personal culture are 100% white.) As saint Paul said, the wages of sin is death. Vote for an incompetant because of his race, and this is what one gets.

JM said...

Glad you posted this video. There is so much hyprocrisy everywhere! Yesterday I found this photo of our former PM, as guest of honor, side by side with Kadhafi in one of his big parties in Tripoli last September. It's preposterus!

Lowell said...

Well, thanks to you for the link, JM! Much appreciated. The US, unfortunately, probably takes the lead in hypocrisy...for years we've backed any rotten dictator anywhere if he/she did our bidding! Hell, Saddam Hussein was our good ol' buddy just a few years ago! Very discouraging!

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