Friday, January 14, 2011

Words do matter!

The right-wing pundits and prognosticators have been busy decrying any connection to their words and the recent killing and wounding in Tucson.  There is no link, they say.  Don't blame us, they say.  The shooter was mentally ill, they say.

Well, they are full of crap!  Words do matter.  A billboard like the one above which uses the word, "shooter," and includes scattered bullet holes is a powerful message.  A picture of a politician in gun sights (and Palin can whine all she wants, but everyone knows they were GUN sights and not surveyors sights!) sends a powerful message to everyone who sees it.  When someone talks about a "second amendment solution," or the need to "reload" to gain headway in a political contest, that person is using language fraught with violent imagery!

It is my understanding that the above billboard was located just a couple of miles from where Congresswoman Giffords and others were shot.  It is also my understanding that this billboard was taken down shortly after the shooting.

Why is someone like Rush Limbaugh still on the air?  Certainly he has the right to his opinions, no matter how moronic and dangerous and plain stupid they are, but to give him millions of dollars a year to spin his lies and deceit to a mult-million member audience is unconscionable.  To allow Glenn Beck a platform to rant and rave and spew his vicious racism and bitter nonsense is beyond belief.

These creeps do make a difference.  One shooter specifically took after a Glenn Beck target!

I don't see a solution at the moment so long as the Murdochs of the world care only about power and money and so long as  many of our citizens are functionally illiterate, ignorant, and dumber than doorknobs.

Better batten down the hatches, there's more to come!

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