Saturday, October 30, 2010

Muslims are a great danger in Oklahoma

Some of Oklahoma's politicians are just plain weird.  The tend to be Very Conservative, Jesus-loving folks, which means they think God created everything that exists in six days, that they love guns and big bizness, and that they don't want no damn guv'mint to tell 'em what to do!

A few of Oklahoma's politicos are not very bright, either.  Tom Coburn, who got hisself elected to the U.S. Senate, don't believe in global warming.  No sirree, he calls global warming stuff a "pile of crap."  I guess he would know a lot about crap 'cause every time he open his mouth more of it comes out to pollute our good earth!

In the state legislature, you'll find lots of wanna-be Coburns. And some have a good chance of attaining that goal - they are dumb enuf!

For example, back in June, the legislature, by an overwhelming majority, passed a law banning the use of Sharia law by Oklahoma judges and/or courts. This law will be voted on by the state's constituents next Tuesday. And it has the endorsement of none other than Newt Gingrich, that bastion of adulterous knowledge and common sense. Oh, stop laughing!

The danger of Sharia law being used in Oklahoma has the state's politicos' shorts tied in a knot. They probably don't sleep at night worrying about this problem. What they should be worried about, of course, is global warming!

I've got to admit it is funny. According to Harper's Magazine, Oklahoma's population is 0.81 Muslim!  I recently drove through western Oklahoma.  You can go 100 miles and not see anyone, much less a Muslim! 

Such is the state of American politics today.  Wacko!

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