Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sharron Angle - "One Nation Under God Not Under...

If you can stomach her for 11 minutes, you can watch the whole video. Angle is one of those christianists baptized in lies and hate and ferocious venom which she uses to preach her version of God and goodness, which leaves no room for "liberals" or Democrats or progressives, but only fanatical Repugnicans infected with filthy lucre who work not for the people but for the corporations.

Angle is not running for the people of Nevada. Look at the banner behind her. Americans for Prosperity is a front group for the Koch brothers. The Koch brothers are the third wealthiest people in the world...only Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch have more money. The Koch brothers are reprobates of the worst order, willing to destroy our planet and our government and our democracy to ensure their coffers keep overflowing.

Angle is running for the plutocracy! If there were a god, she would have been struck down the first time she stuck a mike in front of her face and began telling lies and smearing everyone who doesn't agree with her!

Thanks to A World Quite Mad for the can read her rant on Sharron Angle here.

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