Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Colbert Report - Laura Ingraham

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A few nights ago, wandering through a Barnes & Noble, I espied a "new" book by the hateful, far-right lover of god, Ms. Weirdness, Laura Ingraham. The book? Oh, yes, it's called The Obama Diaries. Needless, to say, but I will anyway, it is all fiction, and consists of the mindless meanderings of Ms. Ingraham's overtaxed brain, mindless meanderings, often racist in character, which she attributes to our president.

It continually amazes me how these christianist creepos (Ingraham is a "devout" Catholic, which could mean most anything these days!) who claim to be all for Jesus and God's rule in our country simply ignore most everything their legendary Jesus said and did as recorded in the fictional Gospels.

One big no-no which would sink Ingraham at the Pearly Gates is the instruction not to bear false witness. Oops. Obviously, she doesn't believe in hell. If she did she would not write malicious attacks on the president of the United States.

Matthew 19:18 - "Do not murder; do not commit adultery; do not steal; do not give false evidence; etc..."

Go to hell, Ms. Ingraham!

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Bob Poris said...

I suspect she already lives in her own hell which she creates out of irrational fear of people like Obama, Liberals, Progressives, minorities of all types etc, all out to get her and somehow enslave her or take away her guns, money, rights and freedoms, etc. It must be Hell to live in such irrational fear. Perhaps she deserves all that she imagines will happen to her. She must know what she has done wrong all her life to deserve such a life. God will give her what she deserves…Isn’t that a nice thought?

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